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Halloween carnage… November 5, 2008

Filed under: Family — woocrew @ 10:12 am

In Woo-ville funniness abounds

when dogs and babies find chocolate around.



I has been chocofied!
I has been chocofied!


Sugar makes her HAPPY!!!
Sugar makes her HAPPY!!!


Evidence in Aspen's crate.
Evidence in Aspens crate!
More wrappers and such on X's bed!!!
More wrappers and such on X’s bed!!!

It’s no surprise that Aspen pooped in her crate the next day and threw up lollipop sticks the day after that.  All we could do is laugh really, a dog who can eat a lollipop propped up between her two front paws deserves it!  The whole family had a lot of fun this halloween.  I will find more pics later and post again…but this is the funny part that couldn’t wait!


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