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Mischief all around us February 21, 2008

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So, who might you think is to blame when we in Woo-ville tell tales of mischevious deeds?  Well here are a few tales that will make your head explode…I’m pretty sure you’ll laugh too.

Once a month I, go to a friends house to scrapbook.  I’m usually gone pretty late and this month was no different, until I got home.  Germaine had laid everyone down for bed, told the kids stories and tucked them in tight.  He was snoring hard by the time I got home, but the first thing I noticed was a light in the living room.  I walked in to find the tv on and M laying on the floor asleep, there’s this brown stuff all over the floor around her and I think to myself…hmmmm…I guess I’ll clean it up in the morning.  I notice a shadow moving around in the kitchen and walk in to find C sitting there with a cup full of Nesquik powder…she’s eating it dry out of the cup!!!  Ugh!!!  My girls love chocolate, but this is a little much.  I kindly, but with much frustration tell her that this is unacceptable and send her to her room.  M wakes up and runs off to bed too and I am left to vacuum chocolate powder out of my carpet at 11:30 p.m.  Trying not to lose my cool I go kiss them both goodnight and show C the baby pics of her that I had scrapped that night.  She loved seeing the pics and was super excited…secretly all I could think of was the chocolate that the vacuum didn’t suck up and what kind of mess it would be when I finally got the steamer out to clean the carpets. 

So now there’s today.  I have been a little under the weather and not sleeping very well at all.  I was super tired this morning but we had to hit the ground running.  I got X ready for school and on the bus by 6:50 a.m. and got the girls dressed in their sleep.  I carried them each half asleep into the van and off we went to the car dealer to have some cosmetic things fixed and an oil change.  The girls were really well behaved the whole time we were gone.  It was a cold, wet morning but we managed to make it home all in one piece.  Once we were home I was exhausted and thought I might try to find a way to take a nap.  Ha!  Joke’s on me!!!  I had the girls come watch cartoons in my room and invited them to cuddle up with me since we still hadn’t gotten the chill off of us from being out earlier.  The baby and I fell asleep…in fact it was a really good nap…until I woke up to the sound of running water.  I laid in bed for a while wondering if I really wanted to go and find out what had happened or just ignore it and pretend my beautiful girls would never cause troubles while I was napping…hehe…ugh!!!  I go into their bathroom and find the sink on so I go to turn it off and there’s sticky stuff all over the faucet handles and sink…hmmm…I smell my hands….HONEY!!!  We had all had peanut butter and honey sandwiches before laying down, C kept complaining that hers didn’t have enough honey but I just told her she needed to eat what she was given.  Seems she had another idea, dare I say a better idea.  She got the honey herself.  There was a salad plate sized glob of honey right smack in the middle of my living room floor, C and M are covered in the sticky goo and of course, Aspen, the dog has had her fair share of fun with it too.  They’ve strung little bits of honey through the living room and to be quite honest I just stood there wondering how in the world I would get it cleaned up.  The girls were sent to their bathroom for a bath but before I made it in to turn on the water the dog peed on the bathroom floor and I found that M peed on my bathroom floor too……………………AHHHHHHHHH!!!!  What is going on?  I didn’t think my nap would be worthy of such harsh punishment but leave it to my girls to find something icky to get into and of course if it’s edible our dog is up for it too. 

These are definetely the moments when I have to step back and make a conscious effort to remember all of the wonderful things about my girls.  They are beautiful and funny, uninhibited, carefree, smart, witty, loyal and when they tell me they love me time stops and I feel like I’m the only thing in the world that matters, if for that brief second.  I wouldn’t change a thing about them.  In fact, truth be known, the carpet needed cleaned really badly.  I guess one could say they gave me a reason to procrastinate no longer.  Don’t kid yourself, there’s no way I’m thanking them. This is not quite the favor a mother is looking for from her kids…but it most definetely is a story worth passing along.


And we danced… February 18, 2008

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This past Friday night was the Valentine’s dance at X’s school.  His teacher has a dj business, so she was there on the “wheels of steel” pouring out the tunes for everyone to dance to.  X had absolutely no interest in dancing so he hung out in the hallway playing with some friends he ran into.  The girls were to be accompanied by their fathers for “daddy daughter dancing”…ooooooooooooooooooh, it was so much fun!  C danced all night long.  She danced with mom, dad, abuela, nana and Brooke.  They had a dance competition that she and dad participated in.  They made it to the second round.  She had the time of her life!  She loves, loves, loves to dance!  M had fallen asleep on the way to the school so she sat quietly by and watched all of the goings on.  The school has a dance once a year and we have gone before, but this one really took the cake.  We had so much fun dancing the night away.  Needless to say, the moment we got home C went to lay down in bed and was snoring just as soon as her head hit the pillow. 

Valentine’s night we spent at home.  Germaine and I had thought about going out to dinner but it’s a hard night to find a sitter, so we dined at home.  The girls and I went to Central Market and loaded up on goodies for the nights fare.  Dinner consisted of:  shrimp cocktail, marinated mozzarella, french bread, california rolls, baked potatoes, fresh veggies, crab cakes, ribeye steaks and fresh fruit.  I don’t know that we’ve ever had such a wonderful meal.  The girls and I decorated the table with a pink tablecloth, tulle, and lots of little heart shaped candies.  I cut out little hearts for each of the kids and wrote a message for each of them and put it on their plates along with a small gift.  Germaine and I exchanged cards and small gifts as well.  All in all it was a really nice night and a happy valentine’s day for all!


My, how quickly she grows!!! February 12, 2008

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These are pics of I at 6 months old.  Last week she turned 7 months…my how it has flown by!  She is such a sweet baby and very lovable.  She loves to give kisses…actually grabbing your face with both hands to gently bring it to her open mouth where she slobbers a little and smiles.  Ugh…melts ones heart! 

Giggles abound anytime her big siblings are around and making faces and funny sounds.  We’re sure she’s excited to grow big enough to join in the fun and games with them one day. 

We had to take her to the doctor yesterday.  Another ear infection has taken hold…this time actually bursting her ear drum.  We knew exactly what it was being that it had happened to C when she was younger.  One would think you shouldn’t let these things get so bad that this would happen, but with no fever and no grumpiness…all of the signs you look for are null and void for us.  She is taking all of her meds like a champ and still smiling all of the way. 

We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful baby.  She has definetely stolen our hearts and completes our family in a very special way. 


The Best of Both Worlds! February 3, 2008

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The girly-girls in Woo-ville have decided they are huge Hannah Montana fans.  No problemo, we’ve watched the show and it’s way cute and we’ve listened to the music and it’s fun.  We all love her.  She of course caused a little buzz when she announced a concert tour and tickets sold out causing parents to “have” to pay hundreds and thousands for tickets.  I say phooey!  Everyone should have boycotted…what would have happened to those tickets if people weren’t willing to indulge their young ones at such a high cost? 

C got a singing Hannah Montana doll from santa this year, which was just what she asked for, and she couldn’t have been happier.  Unbeknownst to the girls the concert, that we could not afford tickets to, is being shown for 1 week in 3D at the movie theater.  I found out and got tickets about a month ago for the first showing on the first of February.  I figured we should probably get really acquainted with her music too so we bought her cd and listen to it quite often.  We all love it, minus X, all the girl stuff really bothers him.  The tickets I kept a secret until the morning of the show.  I made sure we got there early enough to get a seat, but not early enough.  Imagine my amazement at the number of kids who had been taken out of school early that day just to see this movie!  I was astounded.  I don’t know, but hope that if that were me I would let my kids know that school is more important and that would be the end of the conversation.  The show was a lot of fun to watch and about halfway through my girls and I started dancing in our seats and singing out loud.  Before I knew it my girls were dancing in the aisles and shortly after were joined by some older girls…wooohooooo!!!  It was so fun to watch them let go of their inhibitions and have fun.  As I sat there I kept wondering why everyone was quietly sitting in their seats, after all they were missing half a day of school to be there.  I guess it goes to show that sometimes they just need a little push, even if by a 4 and 2 year old.  C wants to go back again so bad.  I don’t know if we will.  Tickets, popcorn, candy and sodas add up, but we did it once and had so much fun.  C is really excited about another girls night, even if it is during the day!

I love these moments…when I catch a glimpse of my wild side in my girls and I can say with great certainty that they have had the time of their lives!