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Kindergarten…here she comes!!! August 27, 2008

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Caitlin is officially a kindergartener!  She has been really excited about starting school for so long and is really pleased with what she’s encountered now that she’s there.  She loves wearing all of her new clothes and getting her hair fixed each morning.  The first day the girls and I took her and dropped her off but she rode the bus home and will continue to go to and from on the bus.  She enjoys it so I don’t feel bad…plus there are a few big girls who have laid claim to her and keep an eye out for her along with her big brother.  Today she came home and told me she had the worst day ever, she had gotten in trouble.  I tried to get her to tell me what had happened but she would just talk about other things.  A few minutes later I asked what happened that got her in trouble and she looked at me said, “I’m just kidding mom!  I didn’t get in trouble!”  What a ham!  She likes to pull my chain anytime she gets the chance.  

I’ve taken lots of pics of the first 2 days…I’ll post them in the next few days.  

It’s hard to believe that we have 2 in school and only 2 left to send off.  It’s much quieter around the house during the day and the girls are so happy to be together by the afternoon that they hardly fight.  We’ll see what happens as the year progresses.


I think I can…I think I can… August 13, 2008

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Our little I is finally on her way!  She is standing up around things all of the time and is finally starting to cruise along them a little.  She’s made a lot of progress in a short amount of time.  It’s so fun to watch her grow and become a little person.  I’m almost ashamed to say, but I think we really relish every little thing she does so much more than with the others being that she is our last baby.  Last night she was in bed with Daddy and I and kept pulling the covers over her head playing peek-a-boo.  She giggles so hard it’s infectious.  She says a few little phrases:  “I ea!”, meaning I eat when she’s hungry;  “ge ou!”, meaning get out when her siblings are in her face and she’s sick of them; and lastly she calls both mom and dad “daddy”.  So sweet, thought I must admit I wish she knew I was mommy.  It will come soon enough though, so I try to be patient.  We still think of her as our little baby and I imagine we always will.  What wonderful memories!


Just call me genius! August 9, 2008

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I’ve fixed it!!!  Not sure how, so maybe genius isn’t what I am…but welcome to the same old page set up just the way it’s supposed to be.



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Somehow I’ve fudged things up on here getting pics put in.  I apologize if things look funny…I’ll work on fixing it later.  We’re off to busy ourselves for the rest of the day.  School will be back in session before we know it, and we’ve got a few more things to do before we’re completely prepared.  We wish you all well!! ~~The Woocrew~~


Glasses for I

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Yes, we have been through glasses for I before…but we’ve lost them.

 Here she is in her new glasses…


  MMM...eating a pear keeps my hands off of my glasses!
Eating a pear keeps my hands off of my glasses!  I’m chewing…I’m chewing…
MMM...It's sooooooo gooooood!!!
MMM…It’s sooooooo gooooood!!!