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July 12, 2009

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Not all pics are worth a thousand words.  X got to go with Abuela to Medieval Times for a special cub scout affair.  They offered a special deal for current scouts and families, unfortunately on the day we had scheduled I’s b-day party.  I called up mom and she was more than happy to take him.  He says he doesn’t know how to smile for pics so this is what he did.  He wouldn’t dress up but obviously mom did.  They got to arrive 2 hours early and go out on the field and learn about swordsmanship.  He had a great time!  His only complaint was that every now and again the spotlight would go by and shine on them and that was a bit embarassing.  Abuela was kind enough to get them front row seats.  He loved most of the food and tore up his chicken “like a carnivore”.  We are blessed to have Abuela close by so the kids are able to spend special times like these with the kids.  Now to work on getting Granny here.  She visits this coming week.  We know the kids will make special memories with her as well.  In the meantime, X is really enjoying scouts.  I am one of the new Den leaders for his bear troop and we are both excited about that.  We look forward to lots more memories to share and fun cub scouting ahead!


A Cool Evening… July 7, 2009

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This evening was really nice outside.  C and M went to spend the night at Abuela and Nana’s so we at home had a picnic.  Illy got to swing for about an hour and a half and didn’t want to get down.  X joined in the fun too and played with Aspen some.  It was really lovely to spend time with just 2 kids and give them lots of attention.0707091919-000707091919-010707091919-020707091919-03

the landing

the landing



anyone want to do dishes?

anyone want to do dishes?

I haven’t  felt much like blogging but thought this would be fun to share.  ENJOY!!!



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Illyana turned 2 yesterday!  We had a quiet day…no big plans.  She is having a lollipop birthday party this weekend, an ode to her love of candy or tandy as she calls it.  Here is a pic of her eating her birthday apple pie after returning home from having fries at McD’s…she’s spoiled rotten…enough said!0706092137-02


kid pics June 10, 2009

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Mom and Cherryl decided to have pics of the kids taken out on the farm.  We called upon our photographer friend Jared to make the trek out to nowhere and help us out.  Here are some pics I swiped off of his website so that I can update everyone on our growing kids.  


I love that these are everyday pics.  We didn’t dress them nicely, just tried to make sure they were clean which was spoiled by having supper before taking the pictures.  Oh well!  It’s a true reflection of our lives and how we live and the everyday perfection that is our children.  They’re really growing!  It’s hard to believe that we no longer have babies around here.  Miss I will be 2 next month and though she will remain our baby she is hardly that anymore.  We feel so blessed to have the worlds most awesome kids to call our own. 


Tales from the Tooth Fairy November 5, 2008

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Little Miss C has lost her first tooth!!!  The one beside it is well on it’s way out too, but for now this is what the tooth fairy brought for her first tooth.


Not the best quality pic, but you get the idea.  Boy is she a big girl now!


Time change… November 2, 2008

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We adults here in Woo-ville actually look forward to the time changing in the fall.  Our hope is that it means our kids will go to bed at an earlier hour…not so.

Tonight is the first night of the time being put back an hour.  You would think that this would mean your kids would be tired an hour or so earlier than usual…but C is currently crying because she can’t stop thinking of Roxie, M is laughing about everything she finds funny, X and I are playing with hot wheels.  I walked away from the madness.  Dad is being sweet and saying prayers to calm worried and giggly souls.  The biggest woo-kid has 5 more minutes and the baby…well…she’s spoiled rotten and stays up with us anyway.  I’ll be out in a few and not so nice.  You’d think they would listen to their dad when he asks things of them nicely instead of listening to me when I’m upset, but that would only make sense.  They’re such awesome kids, we just have nights where they find other things more interesting than sleeping.  In the morning they’ll be in a rush to get to the bus stop on time and I’ll remind them about tonight but it still won’t matter.  I guess that’s what having kids is like.  Either that, or we’re four deep and still have no idea what we’re doing.  Humor us and agree with the first comment…please!!!  Here’s hoping everyone else’s kids are sleeping comfy and cozy in their own beds and you parents are getting a little quiet time before you hit the hay.  Toodles all~~The WooCrew


Genius Jokes…

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So I find my kids rather intelligent…who doesn’t though.

This past week in all of its halloween glory, X asked what ghastly meant, as in ghastly ghost.  I didn’t have a good explanation so I told him we’d look it up when we got home later.  I forgot to look it up but a couple of days later he came up with a rather genius explanation.  The kids were blowing up some balloons that we had for halloween but didn’t actually use.  X commented that the balloons wouldn’t float because they didn’t have helium in them.  “Helium makes things float!  That must be how ghosts float, they must be made of helium.  That’s why they’re called gas-tly ghosts!!!”  …  HA!!!  Good one!!!