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Another New Addition!!! July 14, 2009

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Meet the newest member of WooVille…Luke!  I know you think we’re crazy for naming him after Star Wars folks but he actually came with the name…reason #1 he is so perfect for us!  #2 would be that Germaine has always wanted a british bulldog and after talking and researching we decided on a french bulldog instead.  I was talking to a friend at church who’s mom breeds them and said I would love to get one but couldn’t afford it for another few years.  She showed me the pic of this little guy and I fell in love as she offered him to me for free!  They brought him to his new home here in WooVille yesterday.  It was sad for them and he is already missed but dare I say he is having the time of his life with us.  He gets all of the attention he needs which is the main reason she was willing to give him up.  He is 2 yrs old and already trained, just like we like them.  We feel complete with our 4 kids and 2 dogs!!!


One Response to “Another New Addition!!!”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    I love that new dog! He is studly!

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