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July 12, 2009

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Not all pics are worth a thousand words.  X got to go with Abuela to Medieval Times for a special cub scout affair.  They offered a special deal for current scouts and families, unfortunately on the day we had scheduled I’s b-day party.  I called up mom and she was more than happy to take him.  He says he doesn’t know how to smile for pics so this is what he did.  He wouldn’t dress up but obviously mom did.  They got to arrive 2 hours early and go out on the field and learn about swordsmanship.  He had a great time!  His only complaint was that every now and again the spotlight would go by and shine on them and that was a bit embarassing.  Abuela was kind enough to get them front row seats.  He loved most of the food and tore up his chicken “like a carnivore”.  We are blessed to have Abuela close by so the kids are able to spend special times like these with the kids.  Now to work on getting Granny here.  She visits this coming week.  We know the kids will make special memories with her as well.  In the meantime, X is really enjoying scouts.  I am one of the new Den leaders for his bear troop and we are both excited about that.  We look forward to lots more memories to share and fun cub scouting ahead!


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