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More Specialists… July 29, 2008

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Well, first with the good news.  Illy is crawling like a mad woman…she’s into everything and very curious.  It’s a lot of fun to watch her go from room to room looking for one of us or just checking out things from her perspective.  She has also started pulling up and standing next to things.  She loves to come and stand at the sofa or ottoman and hang out with me or dad.  Next up she’ll be cruising along the furniture and then walking on her own!  I expect this to happen over the next few months.  She has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last three weeks.  I’m so glad.  

X on the other hand… We had his consult with the psychiatrist today.  I’m having trouble deciding what to do with meds and such when he gets back in school.  The summer has been nice, he’s not got as much on his mind so he’s able to have more fun and seems much more relaxed.  I was concerned with some OCD issues but out visit today has brought things into another light.  So now we’re headed to another specialist again.  We have to have him tested for Autism Spectrum Disorders and IQ testing.  Funny thing is he doesn’t follow the “rules” where anything specific is concerned.  I’m actually enjoying this though…it’s very intruiging to me and I feel more and more informed the more help we seek.  School will begin in a month and he will be back on his ADD meds.  Once school has started the psychiatrist wants to analyze whether or not anxiety meds would be beneficial.  I’m thinking yes.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not for doping up kids…and he’s getting therapy so in another month I may change my mind.  What we’re working toward is making things bearable for him and giving him the little push he needs and he helps himself the rest of the way.  I’m really pleased with the different doctors and therapists we’ve seen and continue to see.  They feel very God sent to me.  He will start occupational therapy next week.  They want to see him once a week for 30 minute sessions.  They also will give us exercises and things to do at home.  I am grateful for all of this help.  This howevever, is when I wish we lived somewhere like the UK…ahem…Steph!…where we wouldn’t have to incur costs everytime we go into a waiting room…but we’ll make it through.  

In all of this I’m remembering something interesting.  I feel like we’re spending a lot of time dealing with X’s “stuff”.  I don’t want my daughters to feel left out or lost in all of this.  I remember having a brother who required a lot of attention and because I was “normal” I often felt unattended to…even if his attention was given him for negative reasons.  Help me out there!!!  I try to do things with the girls that make them feel loved.  I just would love any extra ideas I may have not tried yet.  

I think I may have said before, but this is the part of parenting I hadn’t signed up for.  UGH!  They’re not even teenagers yet!  I know we’ll make it through and be better prepared if we find any of our girls growing up with the same tendencies he has.  Life lacks no excitement for us ’round these parts.  


He’s a handsome one… July 23, 2008

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Xavier at his baptism.

I know this pic is kind of blurry…but this is my handsome young guy.  I know I wrote before about his baptism, but I didn’t have a camera so I had to wait for copies from Aunt Heidi.  This is typical Xavier, minus the suit, which I have to say looks great on him.  He’s growing up so quickly.  It’s hard to believe he’s already 8.  He started cub scouts and didn’t enjoy it much in the beginning.  There’s one boy in particular that bothers him quite a bit, but we’ve worked on not worrying about him much and so he’s seemed to be able to enjoy himself more.  He got to attend cub camp and had such a great time.  He was glad when the week was over for the simple reason that he wouldn’t have to ride in the van with the mean kid anymore.  Last night was pack meeting and he was good to go but decided on the way that it was a bad idea because he was sure he hadn’t earned any pins or belt loops yet.  To his surprise he earned 3 loops and 1 pin at camp.  He was so excited to have received something.  His favorite activity was archery, so of course he now wants a bow and arrow to have at home.  He’s such a unique kid.  He’s inspired me, frustrated me, yelled at me, hugged me, apologized to me and most of all loved me.  I guess one can’t really ask for more.  Here’s to Xavier, carrying on the Wooten name only as X can!


AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh… July 21, 2008

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We do have air!!!  I think my last post was that our a/c wasn’t working but the a/c guy came out and rigged us up until we can get the part we need.  It is still under warranty so we’re covered and have been cool ever since.  

I have been really bad about posting here lately.  Something with this account urks me…my password keeps getting messed up and I don’t feel like fooling with things so I just ignore it until I think someone out there might want to know what we’ve been up to.  

So here goes…

I has turned 1!!!  We can hardly believe that the time has flown so fast.  It would “normally” be time that we would be thinking of having another baby, but we’re not this time.  We’re relishing ever stage of her childhood as if it were the last.  It has been such a joy to watch her grow and attain her own personality.  She has just started crawling and bearing weight, standing on her legs.  She is delayed in her gross motor skills and the pediatrician wants her to see a neurologist but I’m waiting until after her 15 month check up.  I’m not crazy, the reason she wants her to go is that she wasn’t crawling on her hands and knees at her 1 yr check but she started to a week later, so I’m satisfied for now.  I don’t want to go through any more specialists right now if I can avoid it…more to come on that.  All in all, I is the happiest baby we have had or ever known.  She smiles all of the time and is fun to be with.  


M is up excited to start wee school this year.  The 3 of us girls that will be home are going to go back to wee school this year.  I had subbed there year before last and I decided it would be a good idea to go back this year and teach full time.  Full time is 2 days a week…perfect for the 3 of us.  M and C are best of friends and it will be a hard transition having C gone to school all day.  I’m hoping this will help M to have a chance to socialize with other kids.  She is more and more independent each day.  Breil is still her best friend.  She has such a sweet spirit and thinks of her siblings often.  She loves to share with them and makes sure anytime she gets something special they are included.

C is ready for kindergarten and boy does miss thang love to shop!  We have done some shopping for school clothes and the like, now each time we’re at the store she asks if she can get some more clothes for school.  She loves to come home and go into her room and try everything on, coming out to show off her coolest fashions to all of the family.  Quite the princess, she is!  She is super excited about kindergarten.  I think I will miss her terribly, but I’ll manage something with the 2 still at home.  C is such a beautiful girl, she loves her family sooooo much and gives us love anytime she can.  Ella is still her best friend too. 

X is going to be in 3rd grade this year!  WOW!!!  He still wants to play basketball but is no longer interested in playing keyboard.  We’re a little bummed about that.  He doesn’t do well in the classroom setting so we might try a one on one teacher.  We’ll see as the school year comes around.  X has a lot on his plate right now.  We started last school year trying to figure out what was keeping him from finishing things at school.  He’s such a bright kid but lacks focus.  We have been to dr’s and dr’s and tests and tests.  This is the just of it all.  X has an anxiety disorder, a little ADD and some sensory processing issues.  The end of this month will take us to the Psych doctor to check him for OCD and to get a “professional” to help tweak his meds and make sure he’s taking the right stuff.  He sees a counselor twice a month….wow, has this made a difference.  I can’t believe it!  He’s learning a lot of behavior modification and coping skills.  He will begin seeing an OT as soon as I get the appointment made.  He has a bright future ahead of him, even with all of this.  I really believe that those things that now are deemed negative can be made positive attributes to his personality.  He is a querky kid.  Things must be just so for him or it “ruins” his day.  We’re learning a lot watching him grow and getting him the help he needs.  I think it fair to say that this was the part of parenting that we weren’t aware we had signed up for.  Alas!  X did pass 2nd grade with flying colors.  He loves science and video games.  His best friend, well he has a few…Justin, Austin and Evan.  That’s the only ones he can think of right now…lol!  

G has been on vacation for the last week and a half.  It has been so nice to have him home and just veg around.  We have been so fortunate to have Mom and Cherryl live close by.  They love to have the kids over and send us off.  We went to San Antonio Thursday and came home Sunday evening.  The kids were excited to see us but had such a good time while we were gone.  G has been thinking about school again.  It’s something we talk about from time to time.  Sometimes work gets stale and the thought of a change is enticing.  Time will tell.  He is still the world’s best dad and husband!  We’re the lucky ones in the equation.  In the words of X “He’s the best dad because he’s the only dad I’ve got!”  

I am good.  I have been trying to lose some weight and make our lives as a family much healthier.  The kids try my patience, but that’s nothing new.  I sometimes feel run over, but am always grateful for the world’s neatest family…mine!   All of X’s issues have sparked a new passion in me.  I am looking into becoming an OT.  I really want to be able to take some of the financial burdens off of my husband.  I want to have a career though, not just a job.  I will have to go back to school and be accepted into a program.  The only local program is through TWU.  It’s a high ranked university which means high grades are also expected to enter the specialty schools.  I don’t know if I can do it.  I’m not good at decision making, but I do know that I have a passion to learn more about this area of pediatrics, so we’ll see.  It may be a while.  I don’t know how much I would accomplish with 2 little ones at home still.  Again, time will tell.  

The family as a whole…

We’re peachy 🙂  We got to spend the 4th of July with the Pyfers.  They used to live in our neighborhood and then moved to Amarillo.  It was so much fun to see them and hang out with them again.  It’s hard to get together with the distance, but well worth the effort.  This is Breil and Ella’s family.  The kids had more fun than they could stand.  By our last day there they had started to bicker some, warning us that our stay was about worn out.  We weren’t able to make it to California this summer so this was our summer vacation.  We’re really grateful to have friends that match us as a family so well.  I got to go to sleep one night to the sweet singing of Germaine and Jared playing American Idol on the Wii.  I guess the truth is I laughed myself to sleep.  We watched fireworks from the parking lot near their home and popped confetti poppers in their driveway.  Jared is the photographer who took Illyana’s first birthday pics…he did such an awesome job!  It’s really a testament to his photography genius that he sat her in his grass in the backyard and captured such beautiful images of her.  Check out his blog when you have time…  www.shutterspeedproductions.blogspot.com  Lindsay ordered a cute little watermelon cake with ants on it…I had her own “1” cake.  She wasn’t quite sure what to do with it at first so I helped her figure it out by shoving her hand in it and putting her fingers in her mouth.  Didn’t take much more than that…she was hooked and on her way to a cake disaster.  We celebrated her birthday with Abuela and Nana once we got home.  Cupcakes and ice cream…simple, easy and fun!  

Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.  Don’t worry, we think of you, yep, you, often too!


IT’S FLIPPIN’ HOT!!! July 9, 2008

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Yep that’s us screaming for a little relief from the heat!  Our a/c went out a week ago and we had someone come take a look, he changed out a blown fuse and all was well.  Until last night, right before bed I noticed it was getting pretty warm so I looked at the thermostat and it was dead again!  Ugh…we switched out the fuse ourselves and nothing, zilch, nada….so now we’re waiting on the a/c man to come take a look since the condenser isn’t turning on.  UGH!!!  Germaine and I are supposed to run away for a weekend to San Antonio but if this sort of mess keeps happening we’ll have a hotel room paid for and no way to get there….stink!  Well that’s life I guess.  We’ve got all of the ceiling fans up as high as can go and we’re keeping still as too much movement might break a sweat on the person next to you.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will be an easy, inexpensive fix…after all, the house is only 3 yrs old.  Who knows.  We shall hit the pool before long to cool us off.  Hope no one else’s summer is fairing like ours…at least the broken part…the rest has been fun!


I’ve Finally Done It!!!! July 8, 2008

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I’ve finally figured out how to get pics uploaded from my computer to the internet.  It’s taken me a while but is a very easy process now that I’ve figured it out.  Check out the pics on my previous post.  I have some more to add from earlier posts too, but later.  Next up I’ll post pics of I’s 1st birthday…as soon as I get them.  I should probably update everyone on our world too…but I’m ready for bed now…so maybe later!  xxooxxoo