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Just call me genius! August 9, 2008

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I’ve fixed it!!!  Not sure how, so maybe genius isn’t what I am…but welcome to the same old page set up just the way it’s supposed to be.


IT’S FLIPPIN’ HOT!!! July 9, 2008

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Yep that’s us screaming for a little relief from the heat!  Our a/c went out a week ago and we had someone come take a look, he changed out a blown fuse and all was well.  Until last night, right before bed I noticed it was getting pretty warm so I looked at the thermostat and it was dead again!  Ugh…we switched out the fuse ourselves and nothing, zilch, nada….so now we’re waiting on the a/c man to come take a look since the condenser isn’t turning on.  UGH!!!  Germaine and I are supposed to run away for a weekend to San Antonio but if this sort of mess keeps happening we’ll have a hotel room paid for and no way to get there….stink!  Well that’s life I guess.  We’ve got all of the ceiling fans up as high as can go and we’re keeping still as too much movement might break a sweat on the person next to you.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will be an easy, inexpensive fix…after all, the house is only 3 yrs old.  Who knows.  We shall hit the pool before long to cool us off.  Hope no one else’s summer is fairing like ours…at least the broken part…the rest has been fun!


I’ve Finally Done It!!!! July 8, 2008

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I’ve finally figured out how to get pics uploaded from my computer to the internet.  It’s taken me a while but is a very easy process now that I’ve figured it out.  Check out the pics on my previous post.  I have some more to add from earlier posts too, but later.  Next up I’ll post pics of I’s 1st birthday…as soon as I get them.  I should probably update everyone on our world too…but I’m ready for bed now…so maybe later!  xxooxxoo


Did We Mention Turkey? December 8, 2007

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I don’t think we’ve told our turkey day story.  It’s not terribly exciting, but here goes.  Germaine took the day off of work so we had an easy morning…nice sleeping in and lazing around.  We had plans for lunch at mom’s around 2 in the afternoon.  I especially enjoyed the day because I only had to make 2 dishes to bring.  I did however have to run to the store to pick up one forgotten ingredient.  I was highly annoyed by myself over it.  I ended up at Wal-Mart on thanksgiving day…the last place I wanted to be.  I was glad to get what I needed and we made it to mom’s all in one piece.  Clint and Aaron joined us at mom’s.  They were the bakers…mmm…good bakers too!  Mom and Cherryl prepared the main fare for the day.  Grandma spent a few hours at home with us, very tired, but happy to be in her recliner.  She ate pretty well and as always, was excited to have dessert!  We sat around watching movies…Hairspray and White Christmas.  It was all in all a very relaxing day…yummy food, family and well, more yummy food. 

 We were so glad to have the day to spend with family and close friends…much to be thankful for.  I guess really, one couldn’t ask for more. 


Ahhhhhhhhh. September 29, 2007

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Wooville is back to “normal”.  We have had a house full of visitors for the last 2 wks.  Granny arrived Monday before last and Cousin Elayn and her 2 kiddos the following Tuesday.  As of yesterday our home is completely void of visitors.  We have really enjoyed our company and can’t wait for their next visits.  We didn’t do much, mainly hung out around the house.  It’s hard to get out to do much once the school year has started.  We spent a few of those days visiting at mom’s house.  It was so much fun.  Everyone went horseback riding, the kids swam in the pool (a watering trough) and we all ate plenty.  We spent our last night with Granny at family fun night at school.  The night was all sports…sponsored by the dad’s club, there was lots of fun play for the kids and yummy burgers and dogs.  Granny was so excited to get to take part.  This year she happened to be here for Grandparents’ Day also.  She and Abuela went to the school and had lunch with X.  They got to see his classroom and meet his teacher.  What fun memories.  Our secret hope is that Granny is able to be nearer to us one day so that she can participate in these things with the kids each time they come up.    

Germaine will be home with C and X this evening.  I will be at mom’s house with M and I, we’ll be sitting with Grandma while mom and Cherryl spend the evening out.  I try to get to see Grandma about once a week.  I love that my children  get to know their great-grandmother.  It makes for wonderful memories.  We should all be so lucky to get to know the “greats” in our family tree.  I have fond memories of my great-grandmother, though we didn’t get to see her often.  Grandma Reyes is the only grandparent left for both Germaine and I.  She has been so kind to love Germaine as her own.  One of the wonderful things about her is her willingness to be family to all of the people she meets.  She considers Cherryl a daughter, as well she should.  Cherryl has had the opportunity to care for grandma and be there with her for the last year.  She does everything a loving daughter would do, and without any reward except for the feeling one receives for their charitable deeds.  Although we don’t go to the same church,  I know grandma is called mom by most all of the people in her congregation.  They love her and revere her in a manner that we should all hope to achieve in our latter days.  We are truly blessed to have a family as ours and grateful for the time we get to spend together.  I hope that we all take to heart what a wonderful thing families are and can be.  Being part of a family is so great, no matter how you came about getting to be part of it. 

So now that I’ve rambled on…

We are extending an open invitation to all who would like to come visit.  We have an extra room and a few extra beds to boot!  Grandma Reyes is at mom’s house which is only about 20 minutes away.  Hope to see some more visitors soon!


For those about to rock! September 23, 2007

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So in reply mainly, and a little because of personal pride, which I, Karly don’t actually ever admit I possess, I shall talk about karaoke.  At the end of my high school experience I had 3 really great friends.  We used to gather at each others homes and sing karaoke.  I think most of the time it was because we were really trying to “sing” like Madonna, other times just for fun.  I won’t name names…that would be rude.  😉  It was way fun.  It’s one of my fondest memories of those girls.  I have carried on the madness in my own right.  I could never be on that singing bee show or anything…I’m not that in love with the karaoke concept…I do however find myself at strange times making a  complete and utter fool of myself.  I enjoy to laugh and make people laugh and for that reason I sing.  I have made a fool of myself singing “Billy Jean”, to which a group of about 30 women can attest.  Some months ago at a girls night out at church we had karaoke.  A few ladies got up and lamely sang “Love Shack”.  I love the B-52’s…Steph and I even went to see them in concert with the Violent Femmes.  I wanted to pull out my hair as I sat by listening and watching 2 Molly Mormons sing this song with all the umph of a sleeping cat.  I had my turn at some lame-o song and then came back and asked to sing “Love Shack”, which by the way is, lyrically speaking, a fabulous song to sing when you’re about 8 1/2 months prego.  I am proud to say that it was so fabulous that I won an award for being the most entertaining…and that tube of Bath and Body Works lotion is still in my purse to this day…great for those dry hand moments.  So it is with great pride that I say simply this…“Welcome to the blog of a family whose matriarch is an award winning karaoke singer!”  Surely the world is a better place for the laughs one gets by listening to one like myself who is willing to make an utter fool of herself while singing to win the prize.  🙂  Life is GOOD!!!


I’m tired… September 2, 2007

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It’s late Sunday night and I should be in bed.  Everyone else in the house has gone to sleep, including the new baby.  My friend Steph started up a blog like this and I thought it a brilliant idea.  It seems especially brilliant since today’s R.S. lesson was about journaling and family history.  I figure I’ll start writing about us and our days, as if they’re super exciting, for the whole world to see.  I’m off to bed soon, though I must say I have enjoyed tinkering around here for a while.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to upload pics for family and friends to see since so many are so far away.