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Brrrrr….. October 23, 2007

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We here in Woo-ville are trying to keep warm.  Cold weather blew in last night and we’ve held tight to our blankets ever since.  X and I went shopping today for clothes being that all of his pants from last year have holes in the knees.  He is rough on his pants.  This time we went to Sears, they offer a wear out guarantee on their kids clothes.  If he wears them out before he outgrows them I can exchange them for the same item new from the store.  Winner to me.  He also got a haircut today, the best yet he has said.  This hairdresser was able to do what he wanted the last one to do but she didn’t get it quite right.  Needless to say, but I will anyway, he looks very handsome.  He has grown up so much lately, he’s hardly a little boy anymore. 

The girls got to spend the night at Abuela’s since I had a special day planned for X and I.  They had loads of fun, as they always do.  We’ve been able to spend at least one day a week visiting there.  It’s been nice to spend time with Grandma.  C and I quit our preschool co-op.  Our week is bogged down a lot with “have to do’s”, so I asked if she wanted to stay home with M and I or go to school and she thought she’d like to stay home.  She hasn’t regretted the decision.  She and M are best friends.  They spend their whole day playing together.  I hope that the baby will one day fit into their world of play too.  Speaking of baby, my has she grown!  I can’t believe she turned 3 months old the 6th of this month.  Sure doesn’t seem like long ago that she was born.  She is rolling onto her side from her back now and accidentally rolled completely onto her tummy once.  I say accidentally because she had one arm caught underneath her and she lay there crying not quite sure of what had happened or how to get back to a comfy position.  She is still sucking her thumb, and we still think it’s cute!  I invested in a sweater and some long sleeved outfits for her today.  I hand clothes down from the girls but what I have in her size is summer clothes from the others being born in spring.  It’s fun to get to shop for a baby clothes. 

Germaine is working in a new area with new off days.  He is really enjoying being in the CMF, central monitoring facility.  Everything there is monitored by computer, no heavy lifting, and good people to work with.  The only set back is that he is off Friday and Saturday now.  No more Sundays at church as a family.  Believe it or not we don’t have a new vehicle yet, so I am not able to take the kids to church either yet.  We plan on being able to buy a new minivan next month.  It should be very exciting to have a new vehicle and even more exciting to be able to take the family out in one vehicle instead of 2! 

Grandma had a go round with bronchitis which left her pretty worn out for a good while.  She’s back to herself though, complaining about all of the dogs and offering to move herself out to the barn after yet another pet adoption this weekend.  Mom and Cherryl have rescued a golden retreiver.  They have named him Andy.  He was found in the creek behind someone’s home.  The people who found him saw a man drop him off at the creek and when the dog followed him back to the car he shut the door behind him and left the dog there.  Jerk!  They took down his license # and plan on reporting the incident to the police.  Good for them I say. 

I’m sure we’ll have some fab halloween pics next week.  I just realized last night that we have trunk or treat this Saturday and I haven’t made the girls their costumes yet.  I guess we all know what I’ll be doing in my spare moments this week.  I have a fabulous idea in my head, I just hope my hands and my sewing machine are able to translate it well.  X plans on being a vampire along with his best friend Brooke.  That’s easy being that he was a vampire year before last and a cape is hard to outgrow.  I must say though, they have a fall carnival day at school and they get to dress up, but they give the kids a theme.  This year it’s back in time.  Well, he’s going to be a sheriff.  Last year the theme was transportation so he went as Jeff Gordon, his favorite Nascar driver.  I hate the theme thing.  I could be practical and tell him he only gets one costume so whatever he has for school  he would have to wear on halloween, but I don’t see the fun in that.  So every year there are 2 costumes….C starts school next year…I’ll really be overloaded then.  Oh well….this is what having kiddos is all about and frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

It’s a quiet night in Woo-ville, everyone’s tucked in tight.  I’d best go grab a blanket and turn in for the night.  😉


Tea Party October 5, 2007

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When it’s quiet in Woo-ville one should question why.  Two things will be occurring, the kids are sleeping or doing something mischevious.  This evening it was the latter of the two.  Germaine and X are playing a game, M is sleeping and C is nowhere to be found.  A quick, “Caitlin!  What are you doing?”, reveals it all.  She calls back to let dad know that she is having a tea party.  He walks into the kitchen and there sits Aspen with C next to her.  This tea party consists of C in her Cinderella dress and glass slippers with a toy tea cup filled with water and the dog receiving “tea” over her head.  She is pouring water over the dog and the dog sits there trying to lap up the water as it pours over her face.  I think a pic of this would have been great, but the mental imagery is hilarious too.  C is a funny girl, she’s always making us laugh with her silly ways.  What a patient dog!


Tag, you’re it! October 4, 2007

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chase.jpgX and Aspen love to play together and chase each other around.  X says that she is one of his best friends, she is his protector and makes him feel safe.  It’s the amazing thing about animals, they have this ability to bear the burden of your bad feelings and bad moments while you go along feeling better and they are no worse for wear.  God knew what he was doing!



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The girls and I spent the day out today running errands.  To be honest, we don’t leave the house often during the day.  Today was different though and we had lots of fun.  After a few “must do’s” we stopped at Petsmart to check out the dog section.  Little did I know we’d roam the whole store, but it was loads of fun nonetheless.  C and M both loved every single animal they saw, even the rodents.  Yuck!  I think I’m a giving mom, but no way are we going to have hamsters or other little furry things like that in our house.  Hmmm….on second thought, last time I took such a strong stand I ended up with a dog.  I’ll think it over I guess, but I still think they’re gross.  After buying some treats and toys for Aspen we trucked on over to Abuela’s house and hung out for a while. 

I’ve been thinking about how our dog has fit into our family a lot lately.  She really is like having another kid around.  It’s funny.  You know how your kids like to follow you into the bathroom and you wonder when their sense of smell is going to kick in, thinking to yourself this conversation certainly could have waited a few minutes.  Well you guessed it, Aspen follows me into the bathroom too.  It’s hilarious, she lays down on my feet in front of the toilet and catnaps, or dognaps, but not literally because dognapping doesn’t actually refer to dog’s napping…hmmm…go figure.  Anywho.  She lays there as if to say, I would converse with you like your 2 yr old does but all I have to offer is the warmth of my fur on your feet.  Grrrrrrrrrreat! 

On occassion X and C wake up at night and make their way to our bed.  Germaine is gone by 3 a.m. so there’s plenty of room, though I do prefer to be by myself.  This morning Aspen wakes me early to go outside then proceeds to my room.  I’m thinking she can just roam the house and lounge while we sleep a little more.  Nope.  She made her way to my bed too and found a litte spot between the kids.  X woke up giggling his head off.  As I lay there still trying to go back to sleep, after all there were about 10 more minutes till the alarm went off, I hear him whispering to her.  “Aspen, I love you!”  “You’re a sweet girl, I love you!”  Awwwwwww…I was giddy inside.  I love when my kids do super sweet things.  I like to think it’s their true spirit shining through.  If I would have known how wonderful it would be for our family to have this animal join us I would have done it long ago.  On second thought, it wouldn’t have been Aspen, so all in its time is perfection.