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Not much news… May 31, 2008

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We’re all just hanging out around Wooville.  There’s not much new to tell about.  I guess just everyday happenings, which is fine after a seemingly long round of “exciting” incidents.   

We attended our ward campout a few weeks back.  It was at a members house who has a lot of acreage.  It was fun to get to hang out with friends and watch the kids play.  X was invited to stay with one of his buddy’s in their tent.  The tent was made for one and already sleeping two but they threw X into the mix anyway.  At one point in the night about 8 boys were in there making a raucous.  Needless to say they had a lot of fun.  Our only complaint is that mormons get up too early…ugh!  The Woocrew loves to sleep in…even when camping.  We can’t wait for another ward campout, it was such a good time had by all.

We were invited to Mayfield day this year.  It fell the Saturday after camping out Friday night.  We felt like we were gone all weekend.  The Mayfield’s are a family from our old ward and they host a field day for family and friends each year.  This year there was a rock wall to climb, volleyball, slip-n-slide, water balloons and the infamous Joust.  The girls really loved the water balloons, opting to try to take out Dad and Rebecca, one of the Mayfield girls.  X had loads of fun climbing the rock wall.  He did surprisingly well…we didn’t expect he would want to try it at all but he zipped right up it and rang the bell at the top in no time flat.  Now, onto the jousting…if you can imagine…wheelbarrows with wooden horse heads attached, a shield as your opponents target next to the head and someone sitting inside dressed in a helmet and the appropriate jousting garb with a swimming noodle attached to a handle to use as their lances.  The “horse” is pushed by another person who is dressed to match with the horse rider…wouldn’t be much of a team if they didn’t look alike…and then to boot there’s one more person who runs behind them clicking coconut halves to make hoof sounds as they go!  I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard…  X was all in…he couldn’t wait to have his turn to joust.  He rode as the brave knight and followed behind as the klip-klopping page.  I can’t figure out how to load pics with our new computer so you’re imagination with have to suffice.  We grubbed on hamburgers, hot dogs and a potluck of side dishes.  Loads of fun and yummy foods…  Woocrew ♥ Mayfield Day!      





X Climbing the rock wall.





Illyana is always happy with daddy.











Moira slippin’ and slidin’!









Caitlin patiently waiting for water balloons.







Monday evenings we’ve been spending at the Miller’s.  They recently purchased a new flat panel and surround sound so we go watch movies and have dinner.  It gives X a chance to play with his buddy who is actually a boy…a rare commodity in our neighborhood, while the girls get into the barbies and girly stuff.  I usually make dinner being that they are a single father household.  We enjoy a yummy dinner and watch anime or some sort of action flick.  It’s been really good for us to get out more as a family and enjoy the company of other families…  Woocrew ♥ Miller time!

            From left to right:  Moira, Katherine, Austin, Xavier, Kira, Caitlin, Illyana


Last night we went to dinner at another families house, the Woods.  They had the missionaries over for dinner also.  We had burgers and dogs and a melee of sides.  Everything was super tasty.  After the missionaries left we broke out the Wii and entertained ourselves with a night of American Idol battles and duets.  I have to say that Germaine and Dave do a truly inspiring, harmonized rendition of Time of the Season.  X and Audrey sang duets also and danced along as everyone else sang.  The younger kids all played and ran around being crazy little ones.  We had such a blast!  

Today we have no plans…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  We might head over to the pool this afternoon, but otherwise we are just hanging out around the house.  Hmmm….maybe Costco is beckoning me near…we’ll see.  

We are making an effort to outstretch the bounds and comfort zones we have been so accustomed to.  I have come to a great realization that many people want to make friends and hang out just like we long to…so we’re sticking our necks out and doing a little more.  It has truly been rewarding in many regards…not a negative experience yet…and we’re sure once one happens we’ll not let it get us down.  

I guess that’s all from the Woo front.  For not much news I seem to have rambled on quite a bit.  Happy summer to all!!!


Cyberland!!! May 10, 2008

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We in Wooville are super excited about our new computer!!!  We recently purchased a Mac desktop, which we are getting to know and love very quicky.  It is a bit of an adjustment, some things run a little differently, but it’s fun nonetheless.  We upgraded from dial-up to  high-speed connection as well.  The options where we live were very expensive until recently, so now with a computer worth the change we have jumped on in to high speed land!  X is very excited to be able to play games on the computer now…in the last few days alone he has acquainted himself very well with the Hot Wheels website.  The girls don’t do anything on the computer…but they’re excited to get to watch movies on it as our old dvd drive had burned out.  Thanks to our replacement service through Best Buy we switched out our mp3 players for iPods…they run so easily on the Mac…as should be.  The nice thing is the iPods are an upgradein memory capability.  When we bought ours a few years back the prices were higher so we were able to exchange them at the same monetary value which means a bigger, better player.  I have been going on walks this week and have enjoyed listening to music on my way.  We are currently trying to figure out how to rip dvd’s…seems it will take some new software…we’ll see.

 Not much else is new.  We’re enjoying the peace and quiet that comes after birthday season around here.  No big plans for now…just a few good movies to go catch….SpeedRacer,Narnia and a few others I’m sure.  The guys already went to check out Ironman.  Germaine likes to take X to opening day for movies like this.  It’s a special bonding thing they have…gotta love a dad who loves hanging out with his little protege!  

Spring has Sprung!!!  We’re back to mowing our lawn and killing fire ants!  We’re watching Abuela’s garden grow.  We’ve not braved one ourselves yet and hers is big enough to feed us all!  We are relishing in the renewal of life that is this season and hope you all are taking a moment to do the same.


The Night the Lights Went Out. May 2, 2008

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Last Sunday Germaine had a performance at our ward buildilng.  It was a Chamber music fireside.  The stake music director has been putting this fireside together each year for the past 5 years.  It’s really wonderful.  Lots of classical music performed live and the chance to really appreciate the sometimes hidden talents of the members in our area.  The fireside started at 7:30, which is pretty late but I decided to take the kids anyway.  Abuela and Nana were meeting us there so I felt a little more secure in my decision.  We sat in the back closest to the door in case a quick escape was necessary…and it was a good thing.  Germaine was second to perform.  The kids were really excited to see him get up and sing.  An older lady we know from our old ward asked if he would sing at her funeral, to which he kindly obliged himself.  She was so cute, making notes and telling him she would be writing it down so the family would know this was her wish.  After his performance two sistes played, one on violin and the other on flute with a piano accompaniment.  About halfway through their concerto Moira started coming to my end of the bench.  All of the sudden the lights went out…ugh!  My hands fly up behind me and I start to push up to where I know the light switches are.  I have no idea which switch will turn the lights on so I frantically shove my hand up to all of them.  My sweet little Moira has turned off the lights!!!  Arhg!!!  That little booger!!!  The musicians didn’t miss a beat…a great testament to their talent and ability to play because it would have surely been a showstopper for me.  After the fireside was finished we made our rounds and apologized.  One of the young ladies who was playing said that her heart stopped for a minute…I assured her that it happens to me about once a day!!!  You’ve got to love a Mormon crowd…they were all very understanding…I’d venture to guess that such things have happened with their children or in their families before.  Funny enough we received many compliments on our lovely children and how well behaved they were…huh!?!  That’s our Moira…she’s a stinker…but you’ve got to love her!