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Did We Mention Turkey? December 8, 2007

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I don’t think we’ve told our turkey day story.  It’s not terribly exciting, but here goes.  Germaine took the day off of work so we had an easy morning…nice sleeping in and lazing around.  We had plans for lunch at mom’s around 2 in the afternoon.  I especially enjoyed the day because I only had to make 2 dishes to bring.  I did however have to run to the store to pick up one forgotten ingredient.  I was highly annoyed by myself over it.  I ended up at Wal-Mart on thanksgiving day…the last place I wanted to be.  I was glad to get what I needed and we made it to mom’s all in one piece.  Clint and Aaron joined us at mom’s.  They were the bakers…mmm…good bakers too!  Mom and Cherryl prepared the main fare for the day.  Grandma spent a few hours at home with us, very tired, but happy to be in her recliner.  She ate pretty well and as always, was excited to have dessert!  We sat around watching movies…Hairspray and White Christmas.  It was all in all a very relaxing day…yummy food, family and well, more yummy food. 

 We were so glad to have the day to spend with family and close friends…much to be thankful for.  I guess really, one couldn’t ask for more. 


8 Years!!! December 1, 2007

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Yesterday in Woo-ville the commandants of the family celebrated their 8 year anniversary! WOOOHOOO!!!  It’s an exciting thing for us.  Not because we didn’t think we would make it this far, but we know statistics and realize that we have accomplished something great.  We spent the day with the girls while X was in school.  Our first stop was to the Dr.’s office.  Germaine and I have been under the weather, he for a few weeks and I for just a few days, though it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Had we known what the doc had in store…shots in the posterior for both of us…guaranteed to make us feel better in a few hours…and we did!  Happy Anniversary to us! 

We exchanged small gifts.  I got the new Polyphonic Spree cd…currently my favorite band.  Germaine got a role playing tee…if you’re a gamer you have to check out Jinx.com, they have the best gamer/geek stuff.  We love them!  Sadly I must admit, I had forgotten that it was our anniversary…how very “dude”ish of me…I know.  We laughed about it though…and luckily I’d already been stashing gifts away so I had something superb to give.  In my defense, we went to a dinner and a concert a few weeks back and decided that we would consider that our anniversary celebration, but when my mom called in the morning to wish us a happy day I started to remember a conversation G and I had a few days back when he was probing me about my music.  Another good reason to start Christmas shopping early! 

The kids have had a great week!  We are all catching the Christmas bug.  Tis’ the season.  Around here in the month before Christmas we celebrate our anniversary, Germaine’s birthday, Abuela’s birthday, Grandma’s birthday, my birthday and finally Christmas…with a slew of friend’s birthdays smashed in there too.  It’s actually a lot of fun!  A few years back I wondered why we had decided to marry so close to G’s birthday…it’s tomorrow.  My mom smiled and said, “Don’t you remember?  You both had that day off of work.”….hmmmm, nice.

The past eight years have brought us 4 of the most wonderful children known to mankind.  We are grateful every day for them and their love.  We have had our ups and downs, but none of it has ever put us down and out.  We have held each others hands and lifted each other up.  We have and do love each other unconditionally.  We have butted heads and compromised.  We have formed a united front.  We have lived…..and for this we celebrate. 

We really hope everyone who reads this is and will be fortunate enough one day to find someone to be their eternal companion in which all of the above mentioned can be said of you. 

Much love to all!!!