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Surgery day and… April 15, 2008

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…all is good!  We set off this morning at 6 a.m. to get to the surgery center by 6:45 a.m.  We made it in time and the kids were in for surgery shortly after.  It was very early for all of us being that we’d spent the night prior staying up a little late and playing.  When Aunt Heidi came for X’s baptism she brought each of the kids a handmade quilt and it couldn’t have come at a better time being that the kids were able to take them into surgery with them.  They both had their blood pressure and heart rate checked, all of the standard things.  C was the first to swallow the “giggle juice” and the nurse carried her back where she got to wear a mask that made her sleepy.  The surgery took about 45 minutes.  The dr. informed us that he aligned 3 muscles, after the first two were initially done one of her eyes was pointing down so another muscle had to be taken care of.  X was next in after swallowing his juice and he was done in about the same amount of time.  Once he went back Germaine and I were able to sit with C in the recovery room.  She wouldn’t wake up at all, in fact she snored the entire time we were there and didn’t open her eyes until she heard her brother come out.  X came out hollering.  No, really, we could hear him coming down the hall.  He was in hysterics coming out of the anesthesia and cried and cried.  He is very anxious anyway, this exacerbated his anxiety.  I held tight to him and he kept saying he didn’t want to have surgery and he wanted mama.  Once he realized that mama was the one holding him he was able to calm down and fall asleep in my arms…all while still laying in the stretcher of course.  They have both worn sunglasses for a good part of the day, just to keep the bright factor down.  Neither of their eyes are totally bloodshot, which I expected would happen and am glad hasn’t.  We got home after a short stop at the store where dad purchased the necessary things to keep them comfy.  They slept most of the day, both waking around 2 p.m.  They are in good spirits and feeling well.  Admittedly we are keeping them dosed up with tylenol and motrin so that they are comfortable.  No reason for them to feel any unnecessary pain.  M and I went with Granny last night to Abuela’s house.  They all spent the night and came home this afternoon.  We were so grateful to not have to worry with the little girls today and glad they were with people who love and care for them so well. 

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers.  We certainly feel your love at times like these. 

Next up…Baby I will be having surgery to get tubes in her ears the 30th of this month.  If anyone would like to make donations to the Woocrew pediatric surgery fund please let us know…we accept paypal!!! 😉  Our love to all!!!


Spring Break March 22, 2008

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This past week has been spring break for us here in Woo-ville.  We have had a pretty fun time and enjoyed being out and about for much of it.  Thanks to our awesome minivan, we’re able to get up, go and even take friends along for the ride. 

Monday morning around 10 am there was a knock at the door and it was Brooke.  She is X’s best friend.  They had the same teacher last year in first grade and have been best buds ever since.  It is not rare to find her at our house most of the time so I knew whatever fun was planned over the break I would be including her in also.  I was hoping to have Monday to laze around the house, but by 11 a.m. the kids were so noisy and rowdy that I packed them in and took them to McD’s for lunch.  They played in the playland for hours before we headed off to Wal-mart for a few essentials.  By the end of the day it became apparent that I’d be better off if I had something planned for the kids each day.  I was planning on taking them swimming at the natatorium and then cancelled that plan but it was on again knowing that I’d go crazy otherwise. 

Tuesday was a terribly stormy day.  There were flash floods around the metroplex but we live far enough out that we just experienced lots of rain.  I called Cherryl the night before and invited her to meet us at the natatorium.  We met around 1 p.m. and spent the afternoon indoors swimming.  We hadn’t been before but it was soooo  much fun.  There were lifevests provided which is great for my girls who don’t swim on their own yet.  They also have a fun waterslide and the pool is heated.  All pluses in my book.  It made for a really fun day, which would have otherwise been super crummy considering the nasty weather. 

Wednesday rolled around and my 2 oldest had eye doctor appointments.  The whole family, including Brooke, tagged along.  Much to our relief X and C will be undergoing eye surgery to realign their muscles in the next few months.  I am going to try and book the surgeries for May.  I say it’s a relief because fooling with them in glasses and going to the doctor every 3-4 months for the last 6 years has become exhausting.  X will more than likely get a correction that will leave him without glasses but Caitlin will still need them because of a stigmatism.  We’re praying lots that they get the maximum out of the surgery.  After the doctor we drove around the hospital area so the kids could see the helicopter.  It’s always fun to find simple things that amaze them.  We  headed over to Taco Bueno for a late lunch where X proceeded to fill himself with half a dozen tacos!  My the kid is growing!  He’s not such a little boy anymore, in fact he’ll be 8 this coming Wednesday.  I can hardly believe it!  After eating we stopped by walmart again to get a few things for a birthday cake i needed to make.  Ahhhhhhh….we finally made it home and settled in for the night.

Thursday morning we went to an easter egg hunt and lunch at a friends house.  There were lots of kids running around playing and eating candy.  It was a lot of fun.  Afterward we headed home and cleaned up a little.  Germaine had a friend over for supper that night and they sat and chatted for a while.  The kids were outside playing, as it had been a beautiful day, and I was baking cakes.

Friday was the birthday party day!  One of the kids in M’s nursery class at church had her birthday at the park.  I got to make the birthday cake which was really fun and yummy if I may say so.  Oddly enough I ran into an old friend at the party.  Come to find out that the birthday girls grandma is now the neighbor of my friend.  I haven’t seen her in probably about 2 years.  We email back and forth every now and then, but it was so good to see her face and hang around talking to her for the afternoon.  Her son and X were best buds when they were younger.  We met when the boys were about a year and half old.  Since we’ve moved from Denton we don’t get the chance to see each other as much.  They still mention each other from time to time…in fact it is her son who in an earlier post I told of X’s prayers for. 

Today is Saturday and we’ve already been busy.  One of the builders in our neighborhood had an easter ‘gathering’.  There was a bounce house, face painting and hot dogs, so we were there with bells on.  X had his face painted like a skeleton, M has a princess mask and C…well…she wanted to get her face painted white with black star over her eye like the guy from Kiss…I couldn’t talk her out of it, but I did manage to talk her into getting the star in pink.  She actually came out really cute that way, it’s her version of being a rock star…which is part of her plan for when she grows up…she wants to be a painter, a singer and a missionary!  Not bad for an almost 5 year old.  This evening there is a family game night at church and we plan on going.  It should be fun.  We try to attend all of the functions outside of regular sunday services being that Germaine can’t be there on Sundays.  It keeps him in the loop as much as possible. 

So that’s spring break, minus easter of course, but that’s tomorrow so being that I can’t predict the future, I have no story to tell yet.  We’ll be at church in the morning then to lunch at mom’s in the afternoon.  It should be lots of fun.  I’m actually excited.  We haven’t been to mom’s in quite some time and we’re all missing each other. 

Happy Easter to everyone!  We in Woo-ville hope the hopping easter bunny brings lots of treats your way, but most of all we hope you remember Christ.  Look around you, it is spring, as the earth begins to change and take on a new beauty it is evidence of this simple truth… God lives!


We are the next American Idols!!! March 12, 2008

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We are so excited to announce that we are making our way to the top on American Idol…the Wii game of course.  The Woocrew has been taking a lot of time out to play together lately…spending real quality time together.  It has been so much fun!  We play Wii a lot…it’s super fun for everyone!  Among our favorites are trying to become American Idols and Guitar Heroes!!!  Who would have ever though any of us would achieve such greatness in this lifetime…;) 


He shoots, he scores!!!

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At X’s school they have a basketball league that runs for 6 wks beginning each January.  X always plays…he loves basketball!  This year he was part of a great team with an awesome coach.  On the day of the last game the kids all received participation ribbons and coach complimented each of them on whatever it was they did well at this season.  If you know X well you know he’s a technical kid so needless to say, coach decided he should be the assistant coach next year…joking of course…but a testament to his technical side of game play.  The team went 6-0 and each kid scored at least once in the season.  X scored for the first time during the last game.  He was so excited!  He had this look of awe in his eyes after he scored…he could hardly believe what had happened.  It was a really fun season and even better was watching X grow as a player and “technician” of the game. 


Peaceful Rest January 25, 2008

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Miriam Lucile Reyes

December 12, 1919


January 25, 2008


My tribute… January 24, 2008

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It seems that since Christmas we have been running on overdrive here in Woo-ville.  Just before Christmas Grandma took ill and things weren’t looking good.  Uncle Jim and Uncle Rick came to visit upon receiving the news.  It was so much fun and really lifted Grandma’s spirits.  She was doing much better about a week or so later.  She was walking around, eating much better and such.  It felt like we had her back and healthy and we were all excited.  This past Tuesday she became sick again.  She has not been breathing well and hasn’t been out of bed since.  She doesn’t respond much at all and it seems we’re on the downhill.  I would just like to publicly say… 


As a young child I spent summers with my brother at my grandmother’s house.  We spent one entire school year with she and grandpa once.  They taught us how to read and tell time, all things a parent would do.  Those were their “latter” years.  Their children were grown and gone and it was the time in their lives where they had no worries but themselves and should have been able to enjoy life, instead they took on 2 needy grandchildren without once complaining.  We became so close.  I have so many really wonderful memories of spending my summers with them.  They were very proud of us and paraded us around town all of the time.  Everyone knew who we were.  We would go to all of the local festivals….watermelon, corn, fiesta.  They always had dances and we were the kids who always danced with their grandparents.  That’s the way the older people in the town know of my brother and I to this day.  One summer there was an announcement on the radio, the family that showed up to the grocery store first in their pj’s won a weeks worth of groceries.  My grandma heard that and had us up and out of bed in a flash.  We quickly got dressed and then redressed back into our pj’s…we had no idea what was going on.  Grandma in her housecoat and curlers pulled up with the 2 of us in our pj’s and low and behold we were the first ones there….score!!!  We got the groceries and the awesome memory of that day.

I have learned many things from my grandmother.  She taught me how to sew and cross-stitch.  She taught me how to cook and bake.  She instilled in me a love for crafts and really anything that is “do-it-yourself” like.  I have the blessing and the curse of feeling that most things I can do on my own as opposed to buying them already made…that’s my grandma’s influence.  She has many traits that are shared by my mother and I as well…probably most notably our crankiness.  It’s maybe not what I’m most proud of, but I own it, if for no other reason than the fact that it’s genetic. 

We’re not expecting Grandma to wake up this time around…and though I know God has many miracles in store, and I would love for her to be around for me to sit with for years to come…I have my doubts.  Those doubts however have not clouded me this time.  I am ready.  I love her enough to say goodbye…for a while.

I attribute much of who I am to my mother and grandmother.  They have been very pivotal in structuring the very core of who I am.  I am far from perfect, but perfectly imperfect.  I love them both very much and know that for my mom this loss will be hard.  I hope everyone out there will keep us in their prayers…I really believe in the power of prayers.  There is not one thing in the world more humbling than to be able to ask and receive on such a personal and spiritual level. 

I guess that’s my tribute to My Grandma…the most awesome grandma a girl could have ever had in her life…makes me wonder what I did to deserve the fortune of knowing her.