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The Cozy Chair February 23, 2009

Filed under: Family — woocrew @ 8:00 pm

We recently acquired a few recliners from freecycle.  If you haven’t ever checked them out you should…  www.freecycle.org .  You usually have to join a yahoo group and then you can get emails about people who are looking for things or posting things they are getting rid of.  It’s a way to pass along what you would otherwise throw out…keep it out of landfills!!!  So, that’s about as green as we get!  Back to the chairs, well, one in particular.  It’s back is somewhat broken but still in good condition.  Everyone has laid claim to it, even the dog.  Saturday morning this is what I found…


0221091402-021The Wookids hanging out in the most comfy spot in the house.  They were watching cartoons but once the sleeping bag got involved it turned into a game where they were able to hide, a little something like this…

0221091403-00It went on all day long.  Mostly M and X played around, but C joined in for a while and I was able to catch a few pics of their favorite new spot.


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