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What’s up world? February 10, 2009

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I guess it’s been forever since we’ve updated the world on the happenings in Woo-ville.

I don’t even have a decent holiday update accept to say that we really enjoyed ourselves and had a wonderful time.  Our cameras aren’t working anymore so we don’t have any good pics of anything.  What a crap post this is turning out to be.  I don’t think my failing memory is going to make this any better either.

Here’s what I know as of tonight:

Germaine and Caitlin have their first official daddy/daughter date.  This Friday is the daddy/ daughter dance at school.  She is so excited.  We went and picked up a new dress last week.  I have to admit that it is really beautiful and she is so in love with it.  It is however the first step away from the traditional dresses mommy always picks for her.  We’ll have to figure out a way to get pics of them to post.  They’re sure to make the cutest couple there!  C is also doing really well in kindergarten.  She loves to learn and her teacher is always impressed with her.  She is up to par on every aspect of kinder learning and even exceeds in some areas.  She does still have a hard time leaving mommy though.  It’s tough on mom too.  I would love for her to be home and get to hang out with the girls and I more but I know she can’t.  She really misses us a lot!  I am spending the day at school with her  Wednesday.  Needless to say, she can’t wait!

Illyana is finally walking!  Holy cow, we thought it would never happen…and in true form we feel like it happened too fast!  She’s grown up so much and become so independent in the last month and a half she’s been walking.  She is doing well at Wee School.  She is super attached to mommy also so she cries at school a lot.  Today was her first day of really doing well…not many tears and I even peeked in and saw her playing!!!  She’s such a cutie pie.  She’s talking more and we’re having so much fun watching her learn about all of the things in her world.

Moira is such a character.  This Sunday at church I overheard her explaining to another kid that she isn’t a kid, she’s an adult.  Hmmm…she wishes!  She also loves to follow mommy around everywhere.  In fact, she’s been known to go stand in the middle of the street and scream my name if I’ve left home without her.  Dad has to hold her  back anytime I leave so it doesn’t happen again.  So sad…for some reason I always feel bad too.  I try to let her go most everywhere with me.  On the rare occassion that I leave by myself I let her know that it’s something just for mommies, or adults, hence the comment about no longer being a kid.  She’s so funny!  She and I spend a lot of time together.  I wonder what kinder will be like for her.  We have another year before that happens.  She recently got a new haircut.  It’s the cutest thing ever!  She is so very proud of her new hair and prances around everywhere because she knows she looks so cute!  

Xavier is doing awesome in school.  He’s made honor roll each six weeks this year!  He continues to struggle with his anxiety and always will but at the same time is learning to cope.  I’m proud of the work he’s put into himself.  We should all be so lucky to have the resources he’s had.  He is really learning a love for books and reading.  He has the best sense of humor and a great sense of sarcasm that he comes by quite honestly.  He has a wonderful teacher this year who really looks out for his needs and accommodates him very well.  If I were rich I’d buy her a new car or send her on a cruise.  She’s been that wonderful to him.

Germaine is still working lots.  He has started practicing music with a band.  A group of guys from church have gotten together to play for a talent show in our ward next month.  It should be lots of fun to see.  I have no idea what it will be like but I’m anxiously waiting.  He got a PSP for Christmas and really enjoys playing games on it.   I have to admit the thing is pretty cool.  It can go online and everything.  Next up we’ll have to set up wireless internet here at home.  We’re pretty behind the times when it comes to those sort of technological advances.  I’m sure the PSP and Wii would be a whole new world with wireless connections available.  Maybe it’s something we’ll do soon….hmmm…we’ll see.  Ah!  It would probably be a great Father’s day gift.  

I have been up to a whole lot of nothing.  Really, I think there’s just not much exciting to tell.  I have been attending Stamp Camp and Nickel Auction regularly each month.  It’s a nice time out with some good friends and no kids or hubbies.  I am looking forward to my trip to Hawaii in March.  I’m very anxious and already panicky about it.  I know it will be great, it just can’t happen soon enough.  It’s such a dream come true!  I can’t believe I’ll be meeting my nephews and brother-in-law for the first time ever!!!  I have a feeling I’ll be wanting to move there before all is said and done.  I’m starting with an exercise group tomorrow morning.  I am really looking forward to it, goofy looking headband and all.

As a whole, we are doing well.  We have more good days than bad.  More blessings than curses.  More love each day and I guess that’s what it’s all about.  

We hope that you and your “ville” are finding happiness or pursuing it in the best manner possible.  Have a great 2009 everyone!

Toodles from the WooCrew!!! 


One Response to “What’s up world?”

  1. Jen C Says:

    So, tell me…what is a nickel auction? I’ve never heard of such a thing.
    X sounds like he’s doing fabulous…honor roll! Great job! Isn’t it wonderful to have a good teacher? Hannah’s is the same…I fear for the time when she gets one that doesn’t have the patience or understanding of our beloved Miss Jones.

    We still need to plan that McDonald’s get together with Tristen!


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