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Time change… November 2, 2008

Filed under: Family,Kids — woocrew @ 9:48 pm

We adults here in Woo-ville actually look forward to the time changing in the fall.  Our hope is that it means our kids will go to bed at an earlier hour…not so.

Tonight is the first night of the time being put back an hour.  You would think that this would mean your kids would be tired an hour or so earlier than usual…but C is currently crying because she can’t stop thinking of Roxie, M is laughing about everything she finds funny, X and I are playing with hot wheels.  I walked away from the madness.  Dad is being sweet and saying prayers to calm worried and giggly souls.  The biggest woo-kid has 5 more minutes and the baby…well…she’s spoiled rotten and stays up with us anyway.  I’ll be out in a few and not so nice.  You’d think they would listen to their dad when he asks things of them nicely instead of listening to me when I’m upset, but that would only make sense.  They’re such awesome kids, we just have nights where they find other things more interesting than sleeping.  In the morning they’ll be in a rush to get to the bus stop on time and I’ll remind them about tonight but it still won’t matter.  I guess that’s what having kids is like.  Either that, or we’re four deep and still have no idea what we’re doing.  Humor us and agree with the first comment…please!!!  Here’s hoping everyone else’s kids are sleeping comfy and cozy in their own beds and you parents are getting a little quiet time before you hit the hay.  Toodles all~~The WooCrew


One Response to “Time change…”

  1. Stephanee Says:

    I must be really lucky that my daughter goes to bed at almost the same time everynight! Geez I REALLY hope moving to America wont ruin it all :-). On school nights it’s bed at 745, and no school it’s 830 at the latest. That way I get a tiny bit of time on my own at night. then again some nights she wakes at a really crazy hour, like 4am and then wakes me up, and then we both toss and turn for an hour or so. So maybe staying up a little later at night isn’t so bad???

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