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Genius Jokes… November 2, 2008

Filed under: Kids — woocrew @ 2:57 pm

So I find my kids rather intelligent…who doesn’t though.

This past week in all of its halloween glory, X asked what ghastly meant, as in ghastly ghost.  I didn’t have a good explanation so I told him we’d look it up when we got home later.  I forgot to look it up but a couple of days later he came up with a rather genius explanation.  The kids were blowing up some balloons that we had for halloween but didn’t actually use.  X commented that the balloons wouldn’t float because they didn’t have helium in them.  “Helium makes things float!  That must be how ghosts float, they must be made of helium.  That’s why they’re called gas-tly ghosts!!!”  …  HA!!!  Good one!!! 


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