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More Specialists… July 29, 2008

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Well, first with the good news.  Illy is crawling like a mad woman…she’s into everything and very curious.  It’s a lot of fun to watch her go from room to room looking for one of us or just checking out things from her perspective.  She has also started pulling up and standing next to things.  She loves to come and stand at the sofa or ottoman and hang out with me or dad.  Next up she’ll be cruising along the furniture and then walking on her own!  I expect this to happen over the next few months.  She has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last three weeks.  I’m so glad.  

X on the other hand… We had his consult with the psychiatrist today.  I’m having trouble deciding what to do with meds and such when he gets back in school.  The summer has been nice, he’s not got as much on his mind so he’s able to have more fun and seems much more relaxed.  I was concerned with some OCD issues but out visit today has brought things into another light.  So now we’re headed to another specialist again.  We have to have him tested for Autism Spectrum Disorders and IQ testing.  Funny thing is he doesn’t follow the “rules” where anything specific is concerned.  I’m actually enjoying this though…it’s very intruiging to me and I feel more and more informed the more help we seek.  School will begin in a month and he will be back on his ADD meds.  Once school has started the psychiatrist wants to analyze whether or not anxiety meds would be beneficial.  I’m thinking yes.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not for doping up kids…and he’s getting therapy so in another month I may change my mind.  What we’re working toward is making things bearable for him and giving him the little push he needs and he helps himself the rest of the way.  I’m really pleased with the different doctors and therapists we’ve seen and continue to see.  They feel very God sent to me.  He will start occupational therapy next week.  They want to see him once a week for 30 minute sessions.  They also will give us exercises and things to do at home.  I am grateful for all of this help.  This howevever, is when I wish we lived somewhere like the UK…ahem…Steph!…where we wouldn’t have to incur costs everytime we go into a waiting room…but we’ll make it through.  

In all of this I’m remembering something interesting.  I feel like we’re spending a lot of time dealing with X’s “stuff”.  I don’t want my daughters to feel left out or lost in all of this.  I remember having a brother who required a lot of attention and because I was “normal” I often felt unattended to…even if his attention was given him for negative reasons.  Help me out there!!!  I try to do things with the girls that make them feel loved.  I just would love any extra ideas I may have not tried yet.  

I think I may have said before, but this is the part of parenting I hadn’t signed up for.  UGH!  They’re not even teenagers yet!  I know we’ll make it through and be better prepared if we find any of our girls growing up with the same tendencies he has.  Life lacks no excitement for us ’round these parts.  


2 Responses to “More Specialists…”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    i am sorry karly. i know it is stressful but you guys are dpoing great! i will keep you and germaine an the whole fam in my prayers!

  2. Stephanee Says:

    I know what you mean about not signing up for certain bits of parenting. Is has problems around people she doesn’t really know, or large groups of people. It can be very very stressful at times. I try to be encouraging, and don’t push her to do things, but sometimes I’m just at a loss and really don’t know how to help her. Sometimes I think this isn’t want I signed up for. Today for expample we went to the park, and as school has just finished it was crowded. She refused to go up on the slide because it was swarmming with people. I at long last talked her round and by the end of it she was almost in tears. Last week was just horrid, and really stressful. The inlaws were here and she really does not like FIL and spent most of the weekend in tears anytime she had to go anywhere near him. I know he will more than likely grow out of it, but sometimes I want to throw myself off a bridge lol.

    I also totally understand the bit about having brothers that got way more attention. My brothers were always getting negative attention, and there I was. Maybe we should be worse in our next lives lol :-).

    Anyways, you are not the only one out there wading through parenting, and praying you are doing everything right. Positive thoughts and vibes to you. You are doing a brilliant job!

    love ya

    steph xx

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