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He’s a handsome one… July 23, 2008

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Xavier at his baptism.

I know this pic is kind of blurry…but this is my handsome young guy.  I know I wrote before about his baptism, but I didn’t have a camera so I had to wait for copies from Aunt Heidi.  This is typical Xavier, minus the suit, which I have to say looks great on him.  He’s growing up so quickly.  It’s hard to believe he’s already 8.  He started cub scouts and didn’t enjoy it much in the beginning.  There’s one boy in particular that bothers him quite a bit, but we’ve worked on not worrying about him much and so he’s seemed to be able to enjoy himself more.  He got to attend cub camp and had such a great time.  He was glad when the week was over for the simple reason that he wouldn’t have to ride in the van with the mean kid anymore.  Last night was pack meeting and he was good to go but decided on the way that it was a bad idea because he was sure he hadn’t earned any pins or belt loops yet.  To his surprise he earned 3 loops and 1 pin at camp.  He was so excited to have received something.  His favorite activity was archery, so of course he now wants a bow and arrow to have at home.  He’s such a unique kid.  He’s inspired me, frustrated me, yelled at me, hugged me, apologized to me and most of all loved me.  I guess one can’t really ask for more.  Here’s to Xavier, carrying on the Wooten name only as X can!


One Response to “He’s a handsome one…”

  1. Jen Says:

    He IS a handsome one! I can’t believe he’s gotten so big! I hope he can enjoy scouts… at least more than I do! HA HA HA

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