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Cyberland!!! May 10, 2008

Filed under: Family — woocrew @ 11:39 am

We in Wooville are super excited about our new computer!!!  We recently purchased a Mac desktop, which we are getting to know and love very quicky.  It is a bit of an adjustment, some things run a little differently, but it’s fun nonetheless.  We upgraded from dial-up to  high-speed connection as well.  The options where we live were very expensive until recently, so now with a computer worth the change we have jumped on in to high speed land!  X is very excited to be able to play games on the computer now…in the last few days alone he has acquainted himself very well with the Hot Wheels website.  The girls don’t do anything on the computer…but they’re excited to get to watch movies on it as our old dvd drive had burned out.  Thanks to our replacement service through Best Buy we switched out our mp3 players for iPods…they run so easily on the Mac…as should be.  The nice thing is the iPods are an upgradein memory capability.  When we bought ours a few years back the prices were higher so we were able to exchange them at the same monetary value which means a bigger, better player.  I have been going on walks this week and have enjoyed listening to music on my way.  We are currently trying to figure out how to rip dvd’s…seems it will take some new software…we’ll see.

 Not much else is new.  We’re enjoying the peace and quiet that comes after birthday season around here.  No big plans for now…just a few good movies to go catch….SpeedRacer,Narnia and a few others I’m sure.  The guys already went to check out Ironman.  Germaine likes to take X to opening day for movies like this.  It’s a special bonding thing they have…gotta love a dad who loves hanging out with his little protege!  

Spring has Sprung!!!  We’re back to mowing our lawn and killing fire ants!  We’re watching Abuela’s garden grow.  We’ve not braved one ourselves yet and hers is big enough to feed us all!  We are relishing in the renewal of life that is this season and hope you all are taking a moment to do the same.


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