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The Night the Lights Went Out. May 2, 2008

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Last Sunday Germaine had a performance at our ward buildilng.  It was a Chamber music fireside.  The stake music director has been putting this fireside together each year for the past 5 years.  It’s really wonderful.  Lots of classical music performed live and the chance to really appreciate the sometimes hidden talents of the members in our area.  The fireside started at 7:30, which is pretty late but I decided to take the kids anyway.  Abuela and Nana were meeting us there so I felt a little more secure in my decision.  We sat in the back closest to the door in case a quick escape was necessary…and it was a good thing.  Germaine was second to perform.  The kids were really excited to see him get up and sing.  An older lady we know from our old ward asked if he would sing at her funeral, to which he kindly obliged himself.  She was so cute, making notes and telling him she would be writing it down so the family would know this was her wish.  After his performance two sistes played, one on violin and the other on flute with a piano accompaniment.  About halfway through their concerto Moira started coming to my end of the bench.  All of the sudden the lights went out…ugh!  My hands fly up behind me and I start to push up to where I know the light switches are.  I have no idea which switch will turn the lights on so I frantically shove my hand up to all of them.  My sweet little Moira has turned off the lights!!!  Arhg!!!  That little booger!!!  The musicians didn’t miss a beat…a great testament to their talent and ability to play because it would have surely been a showstopper for me.  After the fireside was finished we made our rounds and apologized.  One of the young ladies who was playing said that her heart stopped for a minute…I assured her that it happens to me about once a day!!!  You’ve got to love a Mormon crowd…they were all very understanding…I’d venture to guess that such things have happened with their children or in their families before.  Funny enough we received many compliments on our lovely children and how well behaved they were…huh!?!  That’s our Moira…she’s a stinker…but you’ve got to love her!


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