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And the doctor says… April 24, 2008

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…their eyes look great!  Yesterday was C and X’s 1 wk post-op dr. visit.  They both look really great and weathered throught the healing marvelously.  C still rubs on one eye in particular a bit more than we’d like.  We’re going to try an ointment instead of the steriod drops we’ve been using.  It should provide a little more relief and do away with the steriods all in one.  Yipee!!!  We got really good correction out of the surgery and couldn’t be happier.  Germaine comments a lot on how big C’s eyes are.  She has really beautiful eyes but you couldn’t see them much because she looked out of the bottom of her eyes a lot.  Now she is looking forward and straight…it’s really amazing!!!  X is happy to be cleared to participate in P.E. again.  He actually let out a “woohoo” in the dr.’s office, so it’s pretty major for him.  His ADD doesn’t do him any favors when he has to sit on the bleachers and watch all of the other kids enjoying gym time. 

The rest of the woocrew is fairing well.  G is back to work after having most of surgery week off.  We really like when he’s home.  I will really enjoy the retirement years when he’s home all of the time and we can go hang out together and fart around more.  M is 3 now and it’s very apparent.  My kids never suffered the terrible 2’s, but 3 is another story.  She’s got some personality, and a lot of sassy attitude to go along with it.  She’s gotten pretty, well, hmmmm…I can’t find the word…she can be a bit of a turkey I guess.  She has really fallen in love with her baby sis, which is cute except for when she wakes her up from sleep to give her a toy and then walks away, proud of what she has accomplished, all the while knowing that I had warned her against waking the baby.  She doesn’t like to obey much, but this too shall pass.  I find the 3’s to be a little trying and funny all at once.  I is growing and growing.  As of last week she weighed in at a whopping 21.6 lbs!!!  She is still the same smiley and giggly baby we’ve always known.  She will be going in for surgery on the 30th for tubes in her ears.  We haven’t had tubes in any of the other kids, but it’s so routine that I’m feeling really good about it, especially the relief she’ll receive.  Her allergies are really horrible so she is constantly rubbing her eyes and nose…poor baby.  The eye doc gave us a script for some allergy eye drops yesterday.  We’ll see how it goes…she doesn’t wear her glasses much because she wants to rub her eyes and shoves them into her face instead.  I have had the luxury of spending last weekend away with some friends in Oklahoma City.  We went to Time Out for Women…an LDS women’s conference of sorts.  Lots of music and great speakers.  It was a lot of fun, in fact, I’m not sure I was ready to come home.  We got to stay in the Skirvin Hilton and boy was it nice.  It is hands down one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in.  Germaine will be getting his “break” in the form of role-playing late this afternoon.  He really enjoys the chance to play and run games and I know he loves the chance to get away for a bit.  We will be heading off to Grapevine this weekend to take a ride on the Tarantula Train.  It’s an old steam engine that runs between Grapevine and Forth Worth.  We’re meeting another family and coming back to our house for dinner.  I’m looking forward to it.  My grandpa worked on the railroad and I use to get to ride trains all of the time.  It’s not really the way to travel these days, but it’s a fond memory for me.  I am excited to get to share with my kids the experience that is train traveling but am also glad that it’s a short fun day trip to and from.  I guess that’s all of the news in Woo-ville.  Stay tuned for tails from the train and C’s b-day that occurs next Monday! 


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