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We are the next American Idols!!! March 12, 2008

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We are so excited to announce that we are making our way to the top on American Idol…the Wii game of course.  The Woocrew has been taking a lot of time out to play together lately…spending real quality time together.  It has been so much fun!  We play Wii a lot…it’s super fun for everyone!  Among our favorites are trying to become American Idols and Guitar Heroes!!!  Who would have ever though any of us would achieve such greatness in this lifetime…;) 


3 Responses to “We are the next American Idols!!!”

  1. Stephanee Says:

    We play Wii alot as well. It’s fun to sit around and play. We don’t have American Idol or Guitar Hero, so we play Big Brain Academy and Wii play. My child is addicted to two the same as she calls it, and cow racing. I would love to get wii fit next month, but I don’t think it will be in the budget!

  2. Stephanee Says:

    I have a question for you… I wanted to get Steve Guitar Hero for his birthday..but we were in Costco today and they had the guitar out, but it was right handed and he is left handed. I don’t suppose any of you guys are left handed??? Just wondering how it works out for you?? I wonder if I could buy a left handed guitar for it…hmm have to look into it.

  3. woocrew Says:

    They do make a left-handed guitar. Germaine is left-handed though and he plays just fine with the regular guitar. I think if you’re a game player you’re used to using both hands anyway so it may not make much of a difference.

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