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He shoots, he scores!!! March 12, 2008

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At X’s school they have a basketball league that runs for 6 wks beginning each January.  X always plays…he loves basketball!  This year he was part of a great team with an awesome coach.  On the day of the last game the kids all received participation ribbons and coach complimented each of them on whatever it was they did well at this season.  If you know X well you know he’s a technical kid so needless to say, coach decided he should be the assistant coach next year…joking of course…but a testament to his technical side of game play.  The team went 6-0 and each kid scored at least once in the season.  X scored for the first time during the last game.  He was so excited!  He had this look of awe in his eyes after he scored…he could hardly believe what had happened.  It was a really fun season and even better was watching X grow as a player and “technician” of the game. 


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