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My, how quickly she grows!!! February 12, 2008

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These are pics of I at 6 months old.  Last week she turned 7 months…my how it has flown by!  She is such a sweet baby and very lovable.  She loves to give kisses…actually grabbing your face with both hands to gently bring it to her open mouth where she slobbers a little and smiles.  Ugh…melts ones heart! 

Giggles abound anytime her big siblings are around and making faces and funny sounds.  We’re sure she’s excited to grow big enough to join in the fun and games with them one day. 

We had to take her to the doctor yesterday.  Another ear infection has taken hold…this time actually bursting her ear drum.  We knew exactly what it was being that it had happened to C when she was younger.  One would think you shouldn’t let these things get so bad that this would happen, but with no fever and no grumpiness…all of the signs you look for are null and void for us.  She is taking all of her meds like a champ and still smiling all of the way. 

We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful baby.  She has definetely stolen our hearts and completes our family in a very special way. 


2 Responses to “My, how quickly she grows!!!”

  1. Stephanee Says:

    What a bowl full of cuteness!!! I just want to squeeze those little cheeks. You certainly do make cute little babies!

  2. Heidi Says:

    Oh she is so sweet and what a smile!!! I can’t wait to meet her in April as long as I find reasonable airfare because I got the time off!!!!

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