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My tribute… January 24, 2008

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It seems that since Christmas we have been running on overdrive here in Woo-ville.  Just before Christmas Grandma took ill and things weren’t looking good.  Uncle Jim and Uncle Rick came to visit upon receiving the news.  It was so much fun and really lifted Grandma’s spirits.  She was doing much better about a week or so later.  She was walking around, eating much better and such.  It felt like we had her back and healthy and we were all excited.  This past Tuesday she became sick again.  She has not been breathing well and hasn’t been out of bed since.  She doesn’t respond much at all and it seems we’re on the downhill.  I would just like to publicly say… 


As a young child I spent summers with my brother at my grandmother’s house.  We spent one entire school year with she and grandpa once.  They taught us how to read and tell time, all things a parent would do.  Those were their “latter” years.  Their children were grown and gone and it was the time in their lives where they had no worries but themselves and should have been able to enjoy life, instead they took on 2 needy grandchildren without once complaining.  We became so close.  I have so many really wonderful memories of spending my summers with them.  They were very proud of us and paraded us around town all of the time.  Everyone knew who we were.  We would go to all of the local festivals….watermelon, corn, fiesta.  They always had dances and we were the kids who always danced with their grandparents.  That’s the way the older people in the town know of my brother and I to this day.  One summer there was an announcement on the radio, the family that showed up to the grocery store first in their pj’s won a weeks worth of groceries.  My grandma heard that and had us up and out of bed in a flash.  We quickly got dressed and then redressed back into our pj’s…we had no idea what was going on.  Grandma in her housecoat and curlers pulled up with the 2 of us in our pj’s and low and behold we were the first ones there….score!!!  We got the groceries and the awesome memory of that day.

I have learned many things from my grandmother.  She taught me how to sew and cross-stitch.  She taught me how to cook and bake.  She instilled in me a love for crafts and really anything that is “do-it-yourself” like.  I have the blessing and the curse of feeling that most things I can do on my own as opposed to buying them already made…that’s my grandma’s influence.  She has many traits that are shared by my mother and I as well…probably most notably our crankiness.  It’s maybe not what I’m most proud of, but I own it, if for no other reason than the fact that it’s genetic. 

We’re not expecting Grandma to wake up this time around…and though I know God has many miracles in store, and I would love for her to be around for me to sit with for years to come…I have my doubts.  Those doubts however have not clouded me this time.  I am ready.  I love her enough to say goodbye…for a while.

I attribute much of who I am to my mother and grandmother.  They have been very pivotal in structuring the very core of who I am.  I am far from perfect, but perfectly imperfect.  I love them both very much and know that for my mom this loss will be hard.  I hope everyone out there will keep us in their prayers…I really believe in the power of prayers.  There is not one thing in the world more humbling than to be able to ask and receive on such a personal and spiritual level. 

I guess that’s my tribute to My Grandma…the most awesome grandma a girl could have ever had in her life…makes me wonder what I did to deserve the fortune of knowing her.



2 Responses to “My tribute…”

  1. Stephanee Says:

    Aww that was such a nice post!! She sounds like a wonderful lady! I know it will be difficult for you mother, as I saw my own mother break down many a time after my grandmothers death.

    I shall keep you guys in my thoughts. Love to each of you, and give your mom a kiss from me. Love ya Steph

  2. Heidi Says:

    As I said before I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your mother and the rest of your family as well.

    I know it “Sucks” to say the least all around for those who loved your grandmother so much to lose her. She sounded like a pretty amazing women from what you wrote who passed on to all she meet so much. I know her memory and legecy will live on forever because of what she instilled in you and what you are passing on to your childern and that is such a gift.

    You know when my Nanny passed Andres who was 10 or so at the time said something that I hold on to even know when. He said that he knew it was a blessing that our loved ones pass and move on to a better place but it does not make our hearts break any less when that loved one leaves us. He reminded me it was ok to be sad and to feel such a loss that it was normal to be selfish in wanting my loved one by my side forever. Those words helped me to find some peace and comfort which is what I wish for you and your entire family. You are all in my thought and prayers everyday. All my love! Heidi

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