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A Very Merry Christmas January 24, 2008

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It was a wonderful Christmas in Woo-ville.  Germaine had to work so the kids and I got up Christmas morning and packed all of the gifts Santa and the woocrew had left under the tree into the back of our van.  We headed over to Mom’s to spend the day.  I figured we might as well head over early and let the kids find something to do there instead of drueling over the gifts under the tree that they wouldn’t be able to open until Dad got home.  Once Germaine made it to Mom’s, around 1 p.m., madness ensued as we all opened our gifts and ate our Christmas dinner.  It was a lot of fun.  We were all glad to be with friends and family that day.  We are pretty sure that Grandma won’t be around next Christmas, so we thoroughly enjoyed showering her with gifts, as well as she enjoyed the opportunity to give to all of us as well. 

Santa brought X a Nintendo Wii, C a Hannah Montana singing doll, M a Diego Rescue Pack and I a fun discovery toy.  Germaine was probably most excited about receiving his Best buy gift card.  I probably shouldn’t admit that I dropped the ball and forgot 2 of his gifts which he got the next day, Final Fantasy 3 and Zelda, both video games.  The Final Fantasy game was especially exciting for him because it had previously not been released in the U.S. but was made available for Nintendo DS.  I got a Cricut!!!!!!!  Holy cow!!!  The coolest thing I have ever owned.  My very own electronic die cut machine.  I get excited just thinking about it.  It’s going to make scrapbooking so much more fun!

This Christmas was a fun one.  One we will hold dear in our hearts for years to come.  We have felt sincerely blessed that we’ve made it through another year and can honestly say our family is better than it was the year before.  We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday celebrations in whatever capacity you were able to celebrate.  Happy 2008 to everyone!


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