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Salt!!! November 20, 2007

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To salt or not to salt?  Is there really a question?  Tonight we spent the evening at the nursing home with Grandma.  It’s a lovely place and families were all invited to come and share in a thanksgiving dinner with the residents.  After getting Grandma animated enough to want to join us in the cafeteria, we all sat to eat.  Everything looked wonderful and even smelled good…but there was no salt.  Not table salt.  We don’t have salt on our table at home, no biggie, but we do salt our food when we cook.  Tonight we experienced dinner salt free.  It’s what happens when salt is let go to run and be free in the wild like a wild animal caged and set free…not to be found anywhere in the cafeteria.  Ugh!!!  You have to understand that our kids are very used to the way we eat at home, so they were not so excited to taste salt free green beans.  Now folks, we are completely aware that people starve around the world, we do feel grateful, we are blessed…and we like salt!  It is no sin, we elder Wootens even understand that there may be a day when the doctor tells us we can’t have it anymore, but for now it is what it is…we like salt. 

Grandma was not in good spirits tonight.  She was acting like a kid, didn’t want to get out of bed and claiming to have been in bed ALL day.  Well once the story was straightened out we found she had had some therapy and was up for breakfast and lunch.  She walked a little in her walker on her way to bed tonight.  I was surprised to see how well she was walking being that she has been in a wheelchair, and getting comfy in it, since she was in the hospital.  We cleaned her face.  Got rid of her lady beard…I can hear you now…eeeewwwwwww!!!  Well go ahead, fret not it happens and will happen to you!  Cross your fingers that someone will come around with depilatory and remove it for you when you can no longer see to do it yourself.  😉  We are expecting Grandma home for Thanksgiving day.  She’ll return to the nursing home that evening.  I’m sure she’ll love spending some time relaxing at home.

Seems like we’ve been pretty busy around here.  The Christmas buzz is definetely off and running around here.  We’ve done almost all of our shopping already, at least the kids is done.  For family home evening this week we made giant wish lists and hung them in the kitchen on the wall behind the table.  It’s fun to read what the kids want, big kids too!  As always we are at a loss when it comes to grandparents gifts, but we’ll get it figured out. 

X is enjoying the week off from school and can’t wait for Thanksgiving dinner.  He loves to eat fresh rolls with cranberry relish and turkey.  Don’t forget the pumpkin pie…we all love that though.  It’s nice that we don’t have to wake up early, everyone sleeps in. 

Germaine will actually be off Thanksgiving day this year.  Normally he works holidays if they fall within his normal work days.  This year he has taken the day off and for that I am thankful.  No special reason, it will just be nice to have him around from the time we wake. 

Not much is new for the girls and I.  We are still hanging around doing the same old stuff.  I’ve joined a scrapbooking group, just 4 ladies, but it’s fun to get away and do something I enjoy.  C and M are looking forward to Christmas…they’re so full of “I want”s…it’s fun to see what catches their eye at such a young age.  I is a whopping 4 1/2 months old and a solid 15 1/2 lbs.  She is growing so much.  She loves to giggle at dad when he makes funny noises and still sucks her thumb and it’s as cute as ever. 

While we are well aware that salt is not important and we expected the experience eating at a nursing home, it’s all been a silly segway into this…


We hope you’re surrounded by all of those you love, relishing in all we all have to be thankful for.  Best wishes to all and may the blessings of a grateful heart be yours for all time. 


2 Responses to “Salt!!!”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    You should be a writer. You are very good. I would not have survived without salt I do have to say. It is my staple…although since meetin you I do try food before I add salt. 🙂 Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Stephanee Says:

    I never salt my food at the table, but I do use it in cooking.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I’m a bit jealous reading what you guys are having tomorrow! I could actually just cry thinking about it. Thanksgivings are a lonely time for me; it’s of course just like a normal day here..sigh. No need to fear we will be having a Thanksgiving meal on Saturday, so while you are having your leftovers, just think of all the freshness coming out of my kitchen hehe.

    Love ya

    stephanee xx

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