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Tea Party October 5, 2007

Filed under: Family — woocrew @ 7:54 pm

When it’s quiet in Woo-ville one should question why.  Two things will be occurring, the kids are sleeping or doing something mischevious.  This evening it was the latter of the two.  Germaine and X are playing a game, M is sleeping and C is nowhere to be found.  A quick, “Caitlin!  What are you doing?”, reveals it all.  She calls back to let dad know that she is having a tea party.  He walks into the kitchen and there sits Aspen with C next to her.  This tea party consists of C in her Cinderella dress and glass slippers with a toy tea cup filled with water and the dog receiving “tea” over her head.  She is pouring water over the dog and the dog sits there trying to lap up the water as it pours over her face.  I think a pic of this would have been great, but the mental imagery is hilarious too.  C is a funny girl, she’s always making us laugh with her silly ways.  What a patient dog!


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