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Ahhhhhhhhh. September 29, 2007

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Wooville is back to “normal”.  We have had a house full of visitors for the last 2 wks.  Granny arrived Monday before last and Cousin Elayn and her 2 kiddos the following Tuesday.  As of yesterday our home is completely void of visitors.  We have really enjoyed our company and can’t wait for their next visits.  We didn’t do much, mainly hung out around the house.  It’s hard to get out to do much once the school year has started.  We spent a few of those days visiting at mom’s house.  It was so much fun.  Everyone went horseback riding, the kids swam in the pool (a watering trough) and we all ate plenty.  We spent our last night with Granny at family fun night at school.  The night was all sports…sponsored by the dad’s club, there was lots of fun play for the kids and yummy burgers and dogs.  Granny was so excited to get to take part.  This year she happened to be here for Grandparents’ Day also.  She and Abuela went to the school and had lunch with X.  They got to see his classroom and meet his teacher.  What fun memories.  Our secret hope is that Granny is able to be nearer to us one day so that she can participate in these things with the kids each time they come up.    

Germaine will be home with C and X this evening.  I will be at mom’s house with M and I, we’ll be sitting with Grandma while mom and Cherryl spend the evening out.  I try to get to see Grandma about once a week.  I love that my children  get to know their great-grandmother.  It makes for wonderful memories.  We should all be so lucky to get to know the “greats” in our family tree.  I have fond memories of my great-grandmother, though we didn’t get to see her often.  Grandma Reyes is the only grandparent left for both Germaine and I.  She has been so kind to love Germaine as her own.  One of the wonderful things about her is her willingness to be family to all of the people she meets.  She considers Cherryl a daughter, as well she should.  Cherryl has had the opportunity to care for grandma and be there with her for the last year.  She does everything a loving daughter would do, and without any reward except for the feeling one receives for their charitable deeds.  Although we don’t go to the same church,  I know grandma is called mom by most all of the people in her congregation.  They love her and revere her in a manner that we should all hope to achieve in our latter days.  We are truly blessed to have a family as ours and grateful for the time we get to spend together.  I hope that we all take to heart what a wonderful thing families are and can be.  Being part of a family is so great, no matter how you came about getting to be part of it. 

So now that I’ve rambled on…

We are extending an open invitation to all who would like to come visit.  We have an extra room and a few extra beds to boot!  Grandma Reyes is at mom’s house which is only about 20 minutes away.  Hope to see some more visitors soon!


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  1. Cherryl Says:


    Thanks for the wonderful comments. It is so very important to me for mom to know that she is loved and wanted. After having lost the last of my family not to long ago, it helps me to appreciate and value my family of choice just that much more. Because there really is nothing like family. And thank you for making me a part of yours.

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