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For those about to rock! September 23, 2007

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So in reply mainly, and a little because of personal pride, which I, Karly don’t actually ever admit I possess, I shall talk about karaoke.  At the end of my high school experience I had 3 really great friends.  We used to gather at each others homes and sing karaoke.  I think most of the time it was because we were really trying to “sing” like Madonna, other times just for fun.  I won’t name names…that would be rude.  😉  It was way fun.  It’s one of my fondest memories of those girls.  I have carried on the madness in my own right.  I could never be on that singing bee show or anything…I’m not that in love with the karaoke concept…I do however find myself at strange times making a  complete and utter fool of myself.  I enjoy to laugh and make people laugh and for that reason I sing.  I have made a fool of myself singing “Billy Jean”, to which a group of about 30 women can attest.  Some months ago at a girls night out at church we had karaoke.  A few ladies got up and lamely sang “Love Shack”.  I love the B-52’s…Steph and I even went to see them in concert with the Violent Femmes.  I wanted to pull out my hair as I sat by listening and watching 2 Molly Mormons sing this song with all the umph of a sleeping cat.  I had my turn at some lame-o song and then came back and asked to sing “Love Shack”, which by the way is, lyrically speaking, a fabulous song to sing when you’re about 8 1/2 months prego.  I am proud to say that it was so fabulous that I won an award for being the most entertaining…and that tube of Bath and Body Works lotion is still in my purse to this day…great for those dry hand moments.  So it is with great pride that I say simply this…“Welcome to the blog of a family whose matriarch is an award winning karaoke singer!”  Surely the world is a better place for the laughs one gets by listening to one like myself who is willing to make an utter fool of herself while singing to win the prize.  🙂  Life is GOOD!!!


2 Responses to “For those about to rock!”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    You are hilarious. I am sad to say I missed your award winning performance but I am PROUD to see I have had the pleasure of seeing your pure talent. I have seen you perform Material Girl and several others. Some true passion you have there Wooten!

  2. Stephanee Says:

    Ahh yes, I remember going to see the B-52’s and Femmes in concert. That was a really great show. I don’t think it’s the one that ended up with me driving on the wrong side of the road on the way home though. 😉 Good for you on keeping up with something you love doing. I rarely sing in public, and for good reason lol. Enjoy that lotion and keep on singing!!

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