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X’s Prayer September 7, 2007

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I love the sweetness of a child’s prayer.  Each night before bed we have a family prayer.  The kids take turns and their prayers are much of the same sentiments of gratitude and requests…no bad dreams, no “crab” dreams (it’s a spongebob thing I think…no worries though…we’ve stopped watching t.v. almost completely), no tornadoes, no thinking about tornadoes, send us an angel to watch us, send thy spirit to comfort us and so on it goes.  The list is long, but well worth the listen.  A few weeks back X started asking that nothing happen to his house or any of his friends houses.  This past week his request became specific, that nothing happen to our home or to Evan’s home.  Evan is a friend from when he was a toddler, but we’ve not seen him since X’s 6th birthday.  The first time I heard I asked if he was praying for Evan…a little surprised to hear him talk about his old friend.  I am touched by his sweet request.  I know that our children, well everyone’s children that matter have a special relationship with our Father in heaven.  For whatever reason he is compelled to pray for his friend, I have no idea why, but I do know that this prayer is not without need.  I know that Heavenly Father will answer this prayer everytime.  Evan and his home may not have been in harms way, in fact it may never be, but I know in my heart that it will for this time in their lives, be part and partial to the prayer of a 7 year old boy who remembers an old friend  and follows the feelings the Holy Spirit renders him.  We should all be so wise as to follow those promptings.  What I would give to have that strength.  I happen to think kids are nothing but amazing and this is just one of those reasons why. 


One Response to “X’s Prayer”

  1. Lindsay Loo Says:

    Prayer time my favorite time of day. The purity and sincereness of their prayers is the sweetest thing of all.

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