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…And they ate cake! September 3, 2007

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Caitlin had to have a princess birthday this year.  She turned four dressed as Cinderella and surrounded by all of her friends and family.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I think it’s an illness, I can’t buy things…I make them.  So when birthdays roll around we throw around many ideas for what we’ll do and what kind of cake we’ll eat.  This one was off of a website we found with princess ideas, and it should be much cuter, but I was very pregnant and had finished a wedding cake and 2 grooms cakes, 1 was a 3d 18-wheeler cab, the weekend before.  Needless to say this one lacked in my eyes, but my 4 year old was nothing but enchanted.  I love kids…the world is still perfect to them.  The princess madness still ensues here in wooville.  Hardly a day goes by that C and M aren’t dancing and twirling and dreaming of marrying handsome princes.  I can wait for the latter, but for now it’s all in fun.


2 Responses to “…And they ate cake!”

  1. Stephanee Says:

    I think your cake looks fab! Isabel is very much into princess, Cinderella, Snow White land. I don’t know how she can be so girly because I certainly am not.

  2. woocrew Says:

    I know where you’re coming from. I am not girly either and my girls are all about pink and princesses. I have learned to indulge them and let them enjoy being girls. It’s fun to watch. Caitlin recently notified us that she would like to marry a handsome prince and could we please call someone for her. Later that week we were out to dinner and she told us that our waiter was very handsome, she would like a prince like him. When he returned she batted her eyes and tried her best to lure him with her girlish charm. It was sooooo cute and extremely funny.

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